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I got nothin', I'm just tired, that's all.

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  • Q'sOTD: What is your favorite sport to watch on television and what is your favorite sport genre when playing video games?

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Member Comments
# 1 Scott @ 07/19/07 08:21 AM
Not much going on with me, I spent yesterday at Hurricane Harbor, so im dealing with a sunburn.
QOTD: Football for both.
# 2 racerx @ 07/19/07 08:53 AM
QOTD: Football on both counts!!!!
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 07/19/07 09:23 AM
QOTD: Basketball on both counts, especially since I started playing 2k basketball. Back in my youth, it was probably football for both, but the Browns' move and suckiness since their return have decreased my love of football. I also think there are way too many commercials during NFL games (especially the score, commercial, kickoff, commercial that CBS invented).
# 4 Pete1210 @ 07/19/07 10:17 AM
QOTD: Football on TV. Basketball on the console.
# 5 nyisles16 @ 07/19/07 10:41 AM
QOTD: Baseball on both..
# 6 Acid @ 07/19/07 11:02 AM
QOTD: Soccer for both, with College Football close behind.
# 7 codeyh @ 07/19/07 11:04 AM
QOTD: College football on both...

just another day at work
# 8 funky_chicken @ 07/19/07 11:16 AM
QOTD - My favorite sport to watch is baseball and it used to be my favorite sports genre also. Since the baseball games have been bad lately (I don't have a PS3) my favorite sport genre right now is basketball.
# 9 JohnnytheSkin @ 07/19/07 12:54 PM
QOTD: I'll say football for both with one exception...World Cup Soccer. Every four years the *** groove in the couch just gets a little bit more embedded as I try and watch as many games as possible.
# 10 The GIGGAS @ 07/19/07 01:12 PM
Football.. and football.

That 3D mailbox... that guy needs to get laid like there's no tomorrow.
# 11 SidVish @ 07/19/07 02:13 PM
I'll go with college football and college basketball on both counts with the slight edge to college basketball.

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