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Eurogamer has posted the following Project Gotham Racing 4 goodies:
  • Project Gotham Racing 4 Impressions
    "The gameplay ramifications are more general and easier to grasp: bikes are better on straights, and cars are better at cornering. Fans of Kudos, PGR's scoring system, which unlocks new cars and bikes, will discover that the bigger change is the bikes' "stunt" button, which lets you stand on the seat, perch on a foot-pedal and taunt your rivals. Endos and wheelies are in, too, and easy to hold, although the Kudos rewards in the demo we play are handed down relative to skill and execution rather than longevity. One of the things that speaks best to PGR4's sensible, gameplay-orientated introduction of bikes is their inability to crash and then accelerate to top-speed again in a jiffy; take a big hit and they'll wiggle awkwardly if you push too hard to regain speed immediately. Push off sensibly and all's well."
  • "We're Not Letting Go 'Til it's Done" - PGR4 Developer
    "Microsoft is quoting a September date for Project Gotham Racing 4, but it sounds like they'll have a fight on their hands if Bizarre Creations wants more time, with business director Brian Woodhouse telling Eurogamer: "This one, we're not letting go 'til it's done."

    Woodhouse was responding to our comment, during an E3 PGR4 presentation, that the difficulty for some of the latter Platinum medal goals in PGR3 was all over the place. "I can't argue with that," he admitted. "We just ran out of time. We feel like we've got more time [on PGR4]. Last time round, we feel like we got the game ripped away from us."

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