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This past weekend was pretty busy. Me and Nat went fishing w/ my dad on Saturday and yesterday we went to Splashdown, a fairly small waterpark in the area. It wasn't bad actually. When we got there, we figured it was lame, but we all ended up having a good time. I slammed my head on the bottom of one of the pools, when sliding down the intertube slide. Hurt like hell, but I'll live.

Getting my A/C replaced today, so I'm home all day catching up on a few errands and hopefully getting some more Madden 08 gaming sessions in. The game is good, but I had to lower the AI interceptions slider, as they simply throw too many on default All Pro.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 08/13/07 09:23 AM
What up?

Had a good weekend, went to the Browns game, watched a terrible game, but they won. Relaxed yesterday, and working today, going home to trim the edges in my yard. I mowed for the first time in almost 2 months Saturday morning. Then I'm going up to Gamestop to pick up the Wii version of Madden, since the 360 version isn't sounding so hot right now.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 08/13/07 09:32 AM
QOTD: Not a bad weekend. Our 8-year old guest returned home so sanity has returned to our household (our cats are very happy there aren't children torturing them anymore). Bought Perfect Dark Zero used (my 1st 360 game!) to keep me occupied until Madden and the COD4 beta. The first time I set up a laptop gun it brought back some good memories of the N64.
# 3 JohnnytheSkin @ 08/13/07 09:44 AM
How I wish I had "mom & pop" stores where I've lived...I would really like to snag a game early! Oh well, one more day!

QOTD: We had a good weekend. Got sunburned at the fair, but the fun had by my son was definately worth it. I'll probably bring him sometime this week so he can hit the rides again. Also went to an office party with my wife and saw her whomp the competition in an amateur DDR contest. Good times!
# 4 nyisles16 @ 08/13/07 10:03 AM
mom & pop stores don't exist by me

QOTD: worked again as usual, which *earmuffs* stinks.. hung out with the rest of my family after work & had dinner.. Today I work till about 10 pm, then zip on over to GS & wait to the midnight release... On other fronts, it looks like there may be a chance my g/f & I will be getting back together.. we will see
# 5 Scott @ 08/13/07 10:18 AM
QOTD: The Weekend was good for me...Parents got the new fridge and it looks great. Only 3 days til my 22nd birthday and 10 days until I go back to college.
# 6 Behindshadows @ 08/13/07 11:01 AM
QOTD - Good, but got bad on Sunday...Humidity...was 110 degrees....it was hot in Texas.....

Other than that....I saw that boring Rush Hour 3. And cooked up a storm...and got fat....I mean full...lol...

And tried play more Live 07 for 360 using Playmakers sliders...almost threw my controllers 3 to 4 times.....And finally beat RB6: Vegas On Realistic....

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