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PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.
"The Lounge isn’t just about creating your own park, it’s also about personalizing your area with everything from newly unlocked props to leisure items like big-screen TVs. You will start with a completely blank area, and as you play, you will unlock a variety of items to utilize in your skateboarding “My Space” of sorts. This “space” is viewable by your friends as well, and they can check out your progress during multiplayer challenges…which occur directly in your own Lounge! Best of all, unlike previous “create-a-park” mechanics, you’re not limited at all in how you select and place your freshly acquired prizes. Wanna put that ramp at a ridiculous angle over the window? Sure, go for it. That TV? Why not throw up a recorded video of your sickest tricks, and have it playing when your buddies show up to have some fun? It’s all about making this interactive Lounge your very own, and the better you do, the more you’ll have to distribute throughout your “space."

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