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Seriously 30-3 in a baseball game? I thought it was some sort of preseason football score. This is the majors, 30 runs? Come on Baltimore, that was laughable.

Played around w/ my router again last night for entirely too long. I'm going to try the wireless approach and see if that helps anything.

Me and Nat get to see the dentist today for our 6 month cleanings, can you feel the joy? I so hate dentists.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What was the last book you read? Or...is that not something you do?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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# 1 sbmnky @ 08/23/07 07:55 AM
Yikes, the dentist! Have fun...

QOTD: ILWU contract (2002-2008) - does that count? Last fun book I read was Harry Potter - DH. Who doesn't read?
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 08/23/07 07:56 AM
Off to Vegas tonight for my friend's bachelor party. Heading home Saturday morning to see my wife's cousin's band (they're on tour and stopping in Ohio) that night. Gonna be a crazy weekend. Probably will sleep all day Sunday.

QOTD: Don't read as much as I would like to (or should). A couple of books I read most recently were by Terry Pluto, a Cleveland sportswriter. They were Dealing (about the rebuilding of the Tribe in the 2000's) and Loose Balls (a collection of stories about the ABA). I'm looking forward to his next book with Brian Windhorst about LeBron and the Cavs.
# 3 Behindshadows @ 08/23/07 07:56 AM
QOTD - Stephen Kings: The Cell
# 4 Pete1210 @ 08/23/07 08:10 AM
QOTD: "The Husband" by Dean Koontz.
# 5 MachoMyers @ 08/23/07 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by Behindshadows2
QOTD - Stephen Kings: The Cell
I read that in the spring. Pretty cool book which led me too...

QOTD: Stephen King's, The Stand. With work and a bunch of other things going on it took me ages to finish this beast. Pretty cool book though, very Lord of the Rings in a modern day setting.
# 6 Sancheezy @ 08/23/07 10:07 AM
QOTD- In the process of finishing up The Cold Moon, by Jeffrey Deaver
# 7 JohnnytheSkin @ 08/23/07 10:30 AM
QOTD: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"!

I'm currently re-reading "Watchmen" and will then start "Reefer Madness" by Eric Schlosser (if you've read "Fast Food Nation", you know what to expect).
# 8 mgoblue @ 08/23/07 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by sbmnky
Yikes, the dentist! Have fun...

QOTD: ILWU contract (2002-2008) - does that count? Last fun book I read was Harry Potter - DH. Who doesn't read?
Sadly a lot of people don't read...

For me, Polgara the Sorceress, last in a fantasy series I reread. Next up is one of 2 books: first in Jim Butcher's Dresden series, or a David Baldacci secret service themed book.
# 9 SportsAce @ 08/23/07 02:46 PM
QOTD: Citizen Soldiers by Stephen Ambrose.
# 10 bjf1377 @ 08/23/07 04:57 PM
QOTD: Jim Norton's Happy Endings: Tales of a Meaty Breasted Zilch. I enjoy Jim Norton thoroughly, so it was a no brainer. Finished it in one day waiting at jury duty.
# 11 TreyFury97 @ 08/23/07 04:59 PM
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Uh Huh!!!! Awww Yeah!!! Currently, I'm reading the first of Eric Jerome Dickey's Two Part Book series for the year, Sleeping with Strangers.

# 12 coogrfan @ 08/23/07 05:14 PM
QOTD: HMS Surprise by Patrick O'Brian
# 13 ZM Punk @ 08/23/07 06:47 PM
QOTD: Currently reading " Three Nights in August" by Buzz Bissinger. It really takes you deep into the mind of imo the best pure manager in the majors Tony Larussa.

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