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Man, I can't believe the Saints have started the season 0-3. Duece is gone for the year too. Wow.

Seems like the Boys are going to have even easier time with their next two opponents. The Rams will play without Jackson and the Bills play without Losman. I figured the Boys would win these next two games whether they played or not, but now it's almost a no brainer.

As always, there is something wrong with my truck. Maybe I need to just trade it in. It's in the shop because it overheated and there are some issues w/ the brakes. Should be another hit in the already dwindled bank account.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Which games are currently in your rotation?

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 09/25/07 07:53 AM
Picking up Halo 3 on the way home from work. I've got to mow the lawn tonight, but other than that I should be Halo'ing all night.

QOTD: Madden, COD4 beta, starting tonight Halo 3.
# 2 sbmnky @ 09/25/07 08:16 AM
Going on 24 hours without sleep

QOTD: The Show, Metroid & Halo 3
# 3 Behindshadows @ 09/25/07 08:24 AM
QOTD - Halo 3, Madden 08, NCAA 08, Two Worlds, Blue Dragon, and BioShock.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 09/25/07 08:37 AM
QOTD: APF 2K8 and Halo3
# 5 MachoMyers @ 09/25/07 08:44 AM
QOTD: Halo 3 would be but my 360 is sent off for repairs.
Right now just some Football Manager 2007.
# 6 georgiandben @ 09/25/07 10:51 AM
QOTD: Halo 3 soon, Madden 08, and COD3
# 7 mudtiger @ 09/25/07 11:43 AM
QOTD: NHL 08, NCAA 08, COD4 Beta, and throw in GHII every once in awhile to keep the fingers nimble.
# 8 garnettrules21 @ 09/25/07 01:24 PM
QOTD - Halo 3, Forza 2, APF, and soon NBA 2K8!
# 9 SportsAce @ 09/25/07 04:35 PM
QOTD: Bought Halo 3 today and the others are Madden and MOH: Airborne. For some reason NCAA has just completely died to me.

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