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Eurogamer has posted an interview with the man himself, Tony Hawk, as they talk about, what else? Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.
Eurogamer: "Which feature of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground are you most excited about, Tony Hawk?"
Tony Hawk: "I'm really excited about our Nail the Grab feature. I'm more of a ramp skater and that's something I'm used to doing, grabbing my board in the air. We expand on Nail the Trick and you can control the grab with the two analogue sticks on each hand. Then we also have Nail the Manual, which goes even further. The basis of the game itself is to create your own style of skating, to find your own path. We have three different main characters to help you. One is the competitive skater, the guy that's on TV, that's on X Games, that's in magazines, making a career out of it. The other one is an underground skater, more of a street guy who's doing it because he loves it. The third is a rigger, a guy who creates his own skate spots out of seemingly nothing. You can take different elements from each of those characters, create your own skater and find your own path to finish the game."

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