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Newsweek has posted a interesting article called Better Gaming Development Through Playstation 3. Check out what EA says.

"Riccitiello's response suggests that the best technical solution to the difficulties with EA published titles--which ranged from Madden PS3 running at half the framerate as Madden 360 to the PS3 version of Valve's Half-Life 2: The Orange Box shipping weeks later than its 360 counterpart--is to lead development on PS3."

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# 1 bomberooski @ 03/13/08 12:31 AM
Read the article. So what I got out of it is that the 360 version of Madden will be smoother again this year.
# 2 bkfount @ 03/13/08 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by PSU_DW2
Point is, game developers do not have the development time to actually figure out the Sony architecture to be able to make games specifically for that architecture, except for game developers like Sony, who made the console.
that's not true. It's the long living philosophy of making a game on one system and porting it over to everything that fails developers right now. GTA4 was developed on the 360, and they had to delay it, supposedly, for the ps3 version. Burnout was developed on the ps3, and it runs great on both consoles. No loading in the game and it runs smooth the whole time.

Companies like Capcom, EA, and TT have more than enough resources to develop proper games for the ps3. They just choose to support the lead console more and dump over ports right now, even though it makes for a worse product for the ps3. The whole point of multiplatform games is that they are virtually identical across all consoles and people with different consoles can enjoy the same game. If CoD4 can do it, any game can.
# 3 mercalnd @ 03/14/08 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by PSU_DW2
But, in reality, companies are releasing 360 ports on PS3 that are running at 30 FPS that run at 60 FPS on the original next-gen console prior to port (360 games prior to PS3 ports). For example, Madden and NCAA '07 and '08, and possibly '09. (At least this looks like a possibility from that article)
Actually, 60 FPS in 360 football games started with the 08 versions. The 07 versions ran at 30 FPS.

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