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Gamesindustry has posted part 2 of their interview with EA Sports President, Peter Moore.

Gamesindustry: "How has EA benefited from the hardware manufacturers' commitment to online play?"

Peter Moore: "You're talking to a company here that truly believes that every consumer will ultimately go online, whether it's five years from now. You're talking to a company that ultimately believes that physical media goes away, that how we get our media - whether it's games, we're already doing it through music, or if it's TV shows - it's going to go through Internet Protocols more than it is through cable or satellite."

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# 1 Bahnzo @ 07/22/08 07:29 AM
Here's a better one:
Peter Moore: For better or worse our industry has always been built on proprietary platforms - the consumer asks why there isn't just one console, but I think it's great that there are multiple companies throwing billions of dollars and giving us great game experiences. If there was just one console we wouldn't get that diversity, we wouldn't get that investment, and we wouldn't get that competition.
So...competition is great..when it comes to consoles, eh?

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