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IGN has posted a interesting article called Five Olympic Sports That Deserve Videogames.

"Like you, we've spent most of our free time since August 8 tuned to the Olympic Games. Unlike you, though, we get to watch at work (lucky us) and we've been less interested in Michael Phelps than we've been in the more obscure sports shown at random times."

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# 1 Shinyhubcaps @ 08/19/08 05:33 PM
It's too bad that they're all jokes. There are some Olympic sports I would want to see in a video game if they could do it right, like volleyball or team handball.

Ho-hum article, but thanks for posting.
# 2 xmo11 @ 09/04/08 12:46 AM
Not allowed here.
# 3 daflyboys @ 09/04/08 12:23 PM
nice spam xmo...

Anywho... how can someone with a straight face indicate that Steeplechase have it's own, solitary game? Before the picture came up, I was expecting a bunch of horses on my screen. When I saw runners, I almost spit my coffee into my keyboard.
# 4 doncoryell @ 09/04/08 05:46 PM
I had a video game of the Olympics for my Commodore 64 back in the '80s.

It had most of the winter sports from the Olympics (figure skating, speed skating, bobsleding, etc.) and you were able to represent any country. It also included medal award ceremonies, which included your country's national anthem, and also included closing ceremonies.
# 5 CS10029 @ 09/04/08 06:33 PM
Good ole' IGN, with the quality articles.

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