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Worthplaying has posted their preview of NBA 09: The Inside.

"Another interesting concept implemented in The Inside is the inclusion of Quest mode, which is further broken down into Conquest and Elimiquest. Conquest plays like an NBA version of RISK, where you pick a team in one city and try to expand your basketball empire into all corners of the league. Teams take turns attacking and defending cities, and success leads to more cities under your control, as well as upgraded players and courts. Elimiquest expands on the concept by forcing each individual member of a team to score a certain number of points. Once that character reaches the point total, he disappears but leaves behind a power-up that will help the rest of the team make up for their lack of numbers with enhanced speed, shooting, defense, etc. Some of the more wacky powers turn the entire team invisible or shrink everyone down to a miniature size, thus making them more agile and adept at stealing."

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# 1 KaliKot @ 09/18/08 07:37 AM

Seems like they're pretending that NBA 08 PSP didn't exist
# 2 madcap08 @ 09/18/08 07:18 PM
That is the wildest thing i've ever heard of in a bb game. what's next nba 09 the cloak of court vision? gamma irradiated full court pressure?
# 3 shadowpuppet @ 09/22/08 06:05 PM
that sounds hilarious. im all for games having ridiculous mini games, as long as theyre fun. Id say that me and my friends play the mini games against each other more than the actual sports games. im definitely getting this, and probably will never even play the actual basketball portion of it. lol

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