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With many fans hopes dashed for at least one more year (all the way out until 2014), some could say you are really starting to reach a point where we just might not ever see another NFL 2K game. But what do you think?

Is another NFL 2K game going to be released in the next decade?

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# 1 LingeringRegime @ 02/17/11 10:36 AM
I doubt it. Perhaps we will see another APF down the line though.
# 2 The GIGGAS @ 02/17/11 10:37 AM
I certainly no longer expect it. All the hoping/wishing in the world that I can do means practically nothing, and the NFL seems cozy with having an exclusive license, so I don't think so.

The only way I see it is that EA somehow loses money and has to shed the exclusive license. At that point, though, it'll be hard to say the NFL will open it back up to multiple vendors, as that's generally not the MO of the NFL.
# 3 savoie2006 @ 02/17/11 10:38 AM
I don't see it happening. If not because of EA constantly renewing the license agreement, then because of the financial instability of the 2KSports brand.
# 4 jjsmitty34 @ 02/17/11 10:39 AM
It would be great but unfortunately the NFL only wants one company making a game for their product.

I would like them to just keep their focus on NBA2k, that's the best Sports Series out there.
# 5 WeimaBrewer @ 02/17/11 10:44 AM
It's said when a last generation title from 5 years ago outplays the current gen Madden in every way, shape and form minus graphics. Madden just needs to go back to the drawing board. You know they know they're not putting max effort into these games and that's what erks me. Sit back and collect all of that money.

I am fine with playing the soon to be released roster edits for All Pro Football 2K8. I don 't need all of those gimmicks. I just want real football!!!
# 6 ManiacMatt1782 @ 02/17/11 10:47 AM
Possibly. Disappointed gamers must take a stand if this is to happen. Take the stand by not buying the game. Sales for ea drop. Ea can't pay for the exclusive. The NFL won't take exclusive at a lower price, so they will elect to start charging everyone again. This can't happen without the community standing up, and saying no to the substandard quality of the on field gameplay. Either EA steps it's game up and improves the game, in which case we as consumers win. Or more companies are allowed to make NFL games again, in which again makes the consumers win because the choice is there.
# 7 Only1LT @ 02/17/11 10:49 AM
Voted yes, and I sure as hell would like to think I'm right.

With the possible acquisition by Activision, they would certainly have the capital to go toe to toe with EA, should the license be up for bidding again.

Mainly though I believe, maybe foolishly, but I believe that at some point in the future, the effects of some precedent, whether it be American Needle or otherwise, will open up the license again... someday lol.
# 8 jeremym480 @ 02/17/11 11:03 AM
Nope. Never
# 9 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/17/11 11:06 AM
I don't think another NFL 2k game but, another APF type game could make its way to the stores.

I for one hope we do. Competition makes everyone or everything better. Every company is trying to outdo the other.

Baseball, basketball, FPS, Fighting games, RPG etc...

ALL except football. NCAA and Madden are made by the same company and come out 1 month apart, that's not the way competition is supposed to be.

The NFL and EA need to stop being so money hungry and take a look at the consumers and fans for once.
# 10 unfriendlyghst @ 02/17/11 11:11 AM
Along with an xport 360, current rosters, nfl ntwork themes, and aggressive mode, Im allready playing NFL 2K11.
# 11 Jasong7777 @ 02/17/11 11:15 AM
Nope. Best just to let it go.
# 12 DaReapa @ 02/17/11 11:29 AM
"OS Poll: Will there ever be another NFL 2K Game?"

As much as it pains me to say, no. Not as long as Madden continues to sell as it does. Because as it stands right now, the consumers are the only ones who are able to make this fiasco change for the better (through the power of not purchasing Madden). And I have absolutely no faith in seeing that option becoming a reality.
# 13 mestevo @ 02/17/11 11:31 AM
I don't think so. There might not be a whole lot of lead time that the exclusivity is going to expire, and 2k isn't going to produce a title with a moving target (exclusivity/license expiration) for release. If it comes out it would be the next generation of consoles so then we're 2 generations removed from the previous title, and it would probably take more than a season or so to put together a game worth of the hype of the 'return' of the 2k series.

Even if the license were to go non-exclusive I think there's reason to doubt 2k would want to dive back in, start the multi-year development using a license that will almost certainly be their most expensive and would be a loss leader for the division until they were through a couple iterations of a new game. It could take years to see any return on their investment, let alone recouping the costs involved.

As a result, no, I don't think its realistic to expect another 2k game within the next decade.

I expect to see plenty of hopeful posts in this thread, but it's just not very realistic IMO. I read a suggestion on another forum that 2k should pick up the NCAA license in case there's an NFL lockout this year... makes you wonder how many people realize how much actually goes into these games.
# 14 bigsmallwood @ 02/17/11 11:34 AM
I voted yes. However, I am not sure if and when or if the title will be NFL 2K....I would be grateful just for a more detailed and advanced APF!!!
# 15 evilc08 @ 02/17/11 11:45 AM
I voted no. I wish this was not the case. However too many people will keep buying Madden to get a football fix. I had Madden 10 for a brief rental period but have not bought one since Madden 08.

I do miss playing a current NFL game, but the other sports will get me by. Just hoping that something will change in the next year or two to make the future brighter. Then maybe seeing this issue be a yes by 2K or some of their talent working on a new game somewhere else.

EA will just put out the same game until it goes downhill like their Live series. Only problem is there was 2K put them out because they could make a game and improve on it. Then EA showed how flawed they were in that series, ending their run.
# 16 coogrfan @ 02/17/11 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by DirtyJerz32
The NFL and EA need to stop being so money hungry and take a look at the consumers and fans for once.
Good luck with that.
# 17 pietasterp @ 02/17/11 12:08 PM
Never again. There's no point in even hoping anymore. Welcome to the brave new world of sports gaming.
# 18 Tommyklaid @ 02/17/11 12:48 PM
Gosh, I REALLY hope so....

...when that game came out for *Dreamcast* it was WAAAAAY ahead of it's time - the presentation elements were BEYOND BELIEF! Hopefully in the next couple years somethin' will happen.......move over EA and let 2K get a crack at it!
# 19 guaps @ 02/17/11 12:56 PM
I sure hope so.
# 20 SageInfinite @ 02/17/11 01:03 PM
I voted No. I just can't see it happening. We'll be stuck with only Madden until they stop making NFL games, lol.

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