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Do you feel sports games are heading in the right or wrong direction? You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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# 1 fsufan4423 @ 01/17/12 05:23 PM
I would say in a positive direction, but at a snails pace. We seem to get rehashed features, no support, it's just terrible. This was my last year buying all my favorite sports titles unless major improvements are done.
# 2 jersez @ 01/17/12 05:31 PM
No reason being patches, I feel as if developers abuse the ability to patch a game. Either you make a product that works properly or don't release the game that's how I feel. I know most games improved but still knowing that we have to wait a month or weeks for a patch to make a game playable is ridicules. I also think that sports games aren't being innovative as they could have been. This generation of consoles are coming to a close and we basically only saw improvements in animations and graphics, yes they are important. But game-play wise I think they could have used these consoles powers towards key game-play elements such as foot planting, intelligence and make them more skill based, rather than a game that a rating can determine the outcome of plays and games.
# 3 TheTruth437 @ 01/17/12 05:47 PM
It is definitely not heading in a positive direction.
# 4 sactown_13 @ 01/17/12 05:48 PM
Hate the fact that i am forced to shell out more money after i already payed my 60 bucks for the game. Take Tiger Woods for example, in order to play all of the courses i must buy a dlc. I also hate the fact that when i buy a used game I am forced to buy a "online pass" when im already paying a good amount of money for my internet service. now ur charging me to use the internet....
# 5 SHAKYR @ 01/17/12 05:57 PM
No, because you have companies like EA who thinks sim doesn't sell look at their latest crop of sports investments. I beat you NBA Elite 2012 will be a hybrid sim/arcade game following in the foot steps of Fight Night Champion.
# 6 jyoung @ 01/17/12 06:10 PM

We have less games to choose from for most of the major sports licenses.

Games are buggier than they've ever been. You can't even depend on all the features in a game working anymore when you make a purchase.
# 7 jkra0512 @ 01/17/12 06:27 PM
I have to agree with the overall sentiment thus far. In my opinion, EA Sports has had a rough year and it's of their own doing. While the Tiger Woods series is heading in the right direction, they took a firm step back with their NCAA Football and NHL series. Madden is trending in the right direction, but still has a ways to go.

Back to the NCAA Football and NHL series, the reason these games took a step backwards is because developers rested on their laurels and didn't provide any support post-release. Instead, they were counting their cash after releasing buggy products. For example, what really showed me EA Sports true colors was when the first thing we heard from them after NCAA Football was released with a boatload of bugs, wasn't that they see them and are working on a fix (that came 2 months later, in fact) it was that they recorded their best first-week sales in the history of their series. That told me that I will not buy their product come next year because even their patches are of piss poor in quality.

Overall, I think sports gaming is trending downward. With developers relying on patches, they have begun using paying customers as "beta testers". That's not right, nor will I support that any longer. I am taking my money and giving it to SCEA, who at least works with their community and hardcore fans. Consequently, it shows in their high-quality product year in and year with MLB The Show.
# 8 jersez @ 01/17/12 06:38 PM
I would have to agree with jkra0512 it does feel as if we spend 65 dollars to beta test. I know a lot of people caught on to the trend but I'm no longer going to buy a sports game day 1 or before a proper patch. This is economically better since there are more used games and the price usually goes down. I don't need a online pass because I can just play with my friends without lag at home. I hope more gamers catch on to this and this makes the devs think about their quality being released and not lean on the patches.
# 9 sydrogerdavid @ 01/17/12 06:46 PM
The Show is heading in the right direction, so yes.

I really don't care about the football or basketball games. I could go the rest of this generation without buying any other sports game other than the Show.
# 10 orion523 @ 01/17/12 06:49 PM
I'm an older gamer(40) so maybe my perspective is a little different, but I absolutely feel that sports games are headed in the right direction. The Show, NBA2K, FIFA, and NHL 12 are incredible games, and Madden 12 and MLB 2K11 while not perfect, are still miles ahead of where football and baseball games were even just five years ago. Considering the fact that all of the current gen games are now really two games in one(online and off) I really don't think that 60$ plus a nominal fee for an "online pass" is all that unreasonable, especially when you factor in the used games market and services like Gamefly which eat into profits in a tough economy(not sure how much tho).
# 11 BaylorBearBryant @ 01/17/12 06:55 PM
The EASHL is a positive.

The fact that there is no support after a game releases is a HUGE disappointment. If I had to pick overall, I'd say negative. If sports games were a stock, I'd probably sell.
# 12 jersez @ 01/17/12 07:09 PM
Not being disrespectful but technology was completely different 40 years ago. The whole online pass idea is a outrageous in itself, but at the end of the day if a game cannot replicate the basics of a sport then its not worth 60 bucks. If you look at the other genres compared to the sports genres, you would see how far behind a madden is or nba 2k is. Yes they have made strides but they haven't taken the leaps like other genres of video games in the console generation.
# 13 turducken34 @ 01/17/12 07:22 PM
I voted for "unsure". I'm an older gamer (36), and the game that got me hooked when I was in my mid-teens was Tecmo Super Bowl. Imagine several years later when Madden was released for the Playstation, I thought gaming couldn't get any better. Then along came the PS2 and Madden 01- pure gaming bliss!
The current generation of consoles and the accompanying sports titles have been good but I don't feel that I'll look back on them with the same fondness of the earlier games. Madden 10 was in my opinion the best Madden since 05. 11 and 12 have been decent but have been left wanting something more, and this coming from an EA fan. I enjoy the roster updates we can get nowadays along with patches that can help us to better enjoy our experience. Maybe we have become spoiled, or maybe in this day and age we have come to expect more for our dollar.
I don't mean to single out EA, but football has always been my favorite video game sport to play. I hope that the new folks at EA will take community input to heart. That being said, I thought that the "higher profile" guys that recently left really wanted to please us gamers....I'm left to wonder if some of their creative talents were, idk, restricted maybe?
Developers- take a look at SCEA and The Show- the reason I bought a PS3.Sorry for the rant, peace.
# 14 jkra0512 @ 01/17/12 07:23 PM
While I get the pressures these studios are under to put out a product that resembles its on-field counterpart, there is no excuses for the plethora of bugs that have marred these titles. Even if these sports titles didn't resemble the on-field product to the nines, but had minimal bugs and glitches, I'd be all right with that. However, I think I would skip a year and purchase the game on a bi-annually basis. Obviously not what these companies want, but with many of these titles there is not enough innovation from one year to the next to warrant a purchase, unless of course it's The Show. :-)
# 15 N51_rob @ 01/17/12 07:25 PM
Nope, sports gaming on this generation of systems is dying. With the lack of competition across all major US sports. (Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball) there is no innovation, no risk taking, games improved by inches not feet or even miles. FIFA 12 won the OS award this year, and that IMO is a direct reflection of the fact that Kanomi produces a very good soccer title as well.

Compaines are too dependent on patches and release games with bugs THEY KNOW are in the gold product because they can patch it later. That right there is what is killing sports games. Charging full price for a flawed game. Madden 11 took 5 pathches to get right. NCAA 12 after numerous patches is still flawed. There is something on the OS front page about lack of roster support for basketball. Its just a tough time to be a sports gamer I suppose. I'm having more fun with Skyrim than I had with NCAA 12 and if not for the OS Vets I would add Madden to that.

Sports gaming needs something, what that is sadly I don't know.
# 16 Jay Jay @ 01/17/12 07:46 PM
EA by far is going in the right direction by pushing the technology of todays consoles and I applaud them for doing so cause they ain't scared to try new things. 2k on the other hand is the same old stuff just a different year with more animations. Now for all the people who complain about bugs and glitches, what do u expect when technology gets better by the day? Its just not sports its all games, I'm 31 I remember when hd, online, motion senser cameras, real physics, real ai, and more didn't exsist and no one really complained. Now the more developers can do the harder it get to create these games witch means more problems that comes along with it.
# 17 jersez @ 01/17/12 08:05 PM
The reason why we the younger generation "complain" it's not because we didn't experience techmo bowl or pong. Technology has made incredible advances and we also have indie games who can make a almost flawless game. So if a kid who just messed around with ugk and makes a game that can sell millions, then we can assume that a grown man with experience can make a playable game. Also our complaining comes from other games most of us play games such as uncharted and gears of war.Which these games were only possible with this generation, while the sports genres they just upgraded graphics and animations I just feel as if they haven't taken advantage of the technology expectually 2k for still using the same servers. So our "complaining" is not about I can't make a field goal or I can't drive to the hoop, its complaining about not being innovative and basically releasing a upgraded product with new rosters.
# 18 statum71 @ 01/17/12 08:08 PM
I voted Unsure......

Presentation for example (my favorite aspect)....I love how Madden has a CBS-like TV-style broadcast. Nice camera cuts and all.

Then again......Its 2012.....why on earth is the commentary STILL so horrible and STILL NO HALFTIME REPORT???

Again....this is Two Thousand and Twelve!!!!!
# 19 xirdneh132 @ 01/17/12 08:32 PM
I think it's moving in a positive direction but they sometimes make baffling decisions. NBA 2K12 eliminates some features that no one was complaining about, they can't get their server issued fixed. NCAA Football had some awesome things but had other things that drove you crazy.

I think what drives us all crazy is that many of these games have so many great aspects to them but they also have such glaring holes as well. You see that true greatness is almost there but it's held back by such a few glaring deficiencies. I'm not one to think that the people making these games are resting on their laurels but you wonder how they miss some really big bugs or at the very least they don't prep us for them.
# 20 Armor and Sword @ 01/17/12 08:45 PM
Bugs and patches aside. Absolutely yes.

NBA 2K11
Show 11
NHL 11
Madden 12
Top Spin 4

Come one man. Sports games are awesome today.

Back to playing some Show 11....man this game is uber sports gaming bliss.

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