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The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants last night 24-17 and many across the country are asking if the Cowboys should be regarded as a serious playoff team. The Cowboys statistically dominated the defending Super Bowl Champs with a 433-269 yardage advantage. Tony Romo looked sharp with a 22-29-307-3-1 performance. The defense was chippy as well, and looked much improved over last years.

So what do you think OS? Was the Cowboys performance a result of a Giants hangover or was it the result of two teams going in different directions, the Cowboys just happening to be towards the playoffs this season?

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# 1 Scott @ 09/06/12 02:20 PM
Way too early to tell
# 2 pokerplaya @ 09/06/12 02:28 PM
By a talent perspective, of course they are a contender.

They've just got to do it on the field. This isn't saying much, though -- nearly every team is a contender Week 1.
# 3 jersez @ 09/06/12 02:53 PM
Man, the hype is back. One game and we're talking about the playoffs.
# 4 Steve_OS @ 09/06/12 02:53 PM
You know what my answer is! :P

But ya, it's a long season. I always think positive throughout the season, but I'm not a Cowboy fan that thinks Super Bowl after a win or 2. I'm realistic.
# 5 Tyrant8RDFL @ 09/06/12 03:11 PM
Giants have a young secondary with lots of learning to do. Lets see what happens when they play a team that has better corners, and a more aggressive approach over than just rushing 4 lineman.
# 6 JG1986 @ 09/06/12 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by Tyrant8RDFL
Giants have a young secondary with lots of learning to do. Lets see what happens when they play a team that has better corners, and a more aggressive approach over than just rushing 4 lineman.
Agreed with this. Don't get me wrong, the Cowboys outplayed the Giants; especially in the second half. Being a Giants fan, I knew the secondary was weak. But I didn't think they would get lit up by Ogletree running simple slant routes. Pressure from the front 4 was there in the first half, but non existent in the second half. Considering the Giants didn't blitz that much because their secondary can't cover as it is, Romo had all day in the second half to exploit the holes in the secondary, which I think, is the Giants main concern (the second concern being that their offensive line doesn't run block at all).
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 09/06/12 03:28 PM
While I think it's way too early to go there, they looked good last night aside from the penalties and even then, they still were strong enough to get the W in hostile territory. We gotta see if they let down against a 'lesser' team in Seattle.
# 8 TreFacTor @ 09/06/12 03:52 PM
I think a better question is what the heck happened to the Gmen last night...The boys lost a center,and a guard came in who had to be told where to line up....TWICE. Either way, hate em both wish nothing but a losing season for both teams so my E-A-G-L-E-S can FLY....

Love football!!
# 9 Bmore Irish @ 09/06/12 03:58 PM
ive always said romo was a great qb. murray looked solid, and like someone else said this is with a questionable o-line. defense had the killer stand in the redzone to give up only a field goal. of course theyre contenders, but then again so is basically every team in the nfc east except the redskins.
# 10 ANDROMADA 1 @ 09/06/12 03:59 PM
Yes, the game yesterday just confirmed what I had been seeing in the off season and pre season. Ten wins usually gets you into the playoffs. I see no reason why that won't happen outside of Romo getting hurt.
# 11 mestevo @ 09/06/12 04:02 PM
Any given Sunday, but certainly have a much higher opinion if the team after last night.

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# 12 aussieBKR @ 09/06/12 04:21 PM
how can any1 say a team is a playoff contender in september after 1 game......as soon as it comes to last half of the schedule, good by cowboys
# 13 bghost @ 09/06/12 04:28 PM
someone quick a Jim Mora gif!
# 14 Perfect Zero @ 09/06/12 04:38 PM
It is WAYYYYYY too early. So many people are saying (around the DFW area at least) that this is finally their year when they haven't had a real chance since the late 90's. Let's wait a bit here.
# 15 statum71 @ 09/06/12 04:50 PM
Its one game.

Work in progress, we'll see.
# 16 bccards13 @ 09/06/12 04:52 PM
Romo looked good but my doubts still remain on him. He's failed too many times in clutch situations for me to say the Cowboys are a playoff team. But it is only game one.
# 17 Layoneil @ 09/06/12 05:18 PM
of course they are, and they were before yesterday's game.

there are maybe like one, two teams max per division that has zero shot in winning the division, so everyone else is a playoff contender.
# 18 I Djm @ 09/06/12 05:20 PM
no they aren't as long as they have tono romo at qb they arent going anywhere too soon
# 19 ProbieByKO @ 09/06/12 05:55 PM
The Buffalo Bills looked like serious contenders after their first 4 games last season, and we all know how that turned out.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves people, lol.
# 20 cjonesfan921 @ 09/06/12 06:20 PM
They were contenders last year, and I thought they were coming into this season....so, yes.

I don't see how this is anything preposterous to be quite frank.

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