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We've had a flurry of big releases at the end of October, with several big titles being released within a short time span. So we must ask you all: Which Late-November Sports Game Is the Best Buy for you?

Is it WWE '13? Forza Horizon? Need for Speed Most Wanted? Something else?

Sound off in our poll on the right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 onac22 @ 11/05/12 10:38 AM
Assasins Creed: Patriots- Fencing, Sailing, Equestrian, Shooting black powder, Archery, and MMA.
# 2 pk500 @ 11/05/12 11:07 AM
Horizon. Best racing game in a long time for the 360.
# 3 porkys8077 @ 11/05/12 12:19 PM
Forza Horizon
# 4 sportdan30 @ 11/05/12 12:45 PM
Forza Horizon has such excellent replay value and fantastic MP fun. Will be cruising in this gam for months to come.
# 5 JG1986 @ 11/05/12 01:17 PM
Wish I had an xbox to play Forza- game looks incredible.
# 6 Moses Shuttlesworth @ 11/05/12 01:53 PM
Need for Speed is my GOTY. Loooove it.
# 7 GlennN @ 11/05/12 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by onac22
Assasins Creed: Patriots- Fencing, Sailing, Equestrian, Shooting black powder, Archery, and MMA.
About as much of a sport as the three candidates!
# 8 F0rl3fclov3r @ 11/05/12 03:20 PM
WWE 13

First wrestling game I bought in probly 8 years. Attitude era is awesome
# 9 rdelizo35 @ 11/05/12 03:47 PM
I'm excited to get WWE '13.
# 10 Control-X @ 11/05/12 06:39 PM
WWE '13 for me because of that "Attitude" mode and the superstars of that awesome era in professional wrestling history. Would've probably bought it already if it were only a digital download on PS3.
# 11 blklightning @ 11/05/12 08:05 PM
Most Wanted because it's really fun. And is the WWE even a sport? Not a real one, surely.
# 12 The Bad Man @ 11/05/12 09:08 PM
i know im gonna have more fun playin wrestling than racing games. wwe 13.
# 13 Nature_Boy @ 11/05/12 10:06 PM
WWE 13. It's the most fun I have had with a pro wrestling video game in a very long time.
# 14 ice2modern @ 11/06/12 05:40 AM
WWE '13 ! this game just looks amazing, can't wait to play it
# 15 bigbob @ 11/06/12 01:02 PM
WWE 13, no question.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted should be ashamed to use the Need for Speed name.
# 16 Fist Of Kings @ 11/06/12 06:42 PM
I'm surprised by the poll. WWE 13 has really horrible a.i. It's not aggressive, rarely uses finishers, and wander outside of the ring and just stand there or takes apart the announcer table, then go back to the ring. Most of their offense are from reversals or running grappples. I'm leaning towards trading this towards Forza Horizon.

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