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Simple question today on the poll: Do you miss college basketball games?

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# 1 dickey1331 @ 12/17/12 03:58 PM
I do. Especially that SMU will be getting good with Larry Brown.
# 2 fillmorecash @ 12/17/12 04:03 PM
It hurts my heart every year that passes without one.. with all the features current sports games have now i can only imagine how great a NCAA Basketball 13 or College Hoops 2K13 would be .... Thanks to Ed O'Bannon we may never have a authentic College Hoops game again..
# 3 DirtyJerz32 @ 12/17/12 04:03 PM
YES! I find myself looking at NCAA 10 and College Hoops 2k7 around this time every year. Both are just so out dated compared to NBA 2k13 I just can't pull the trigger.
# 4 mestevo @ 12/17/12 04:08 PM
I don't watch college sports (or Basketball even until playoff elimination games for the most part), but had CH2k8 or 2k7 and probably had more fun in it than I do in the NBA2k games.
# 5 Capitalx @ 12/17/12 04:08 PM
YES YES YES YES next to CFB... those two would be the only games I would play all year.
I'm not into shooters anymore, I grew up and realize that virtually killing other people is kind of ridiculous in the sense that killing is now entertainment.
I will buy the next College hoops game that enters the market........some day
# 6 Sparkles @ 12/17/12 04:10 PM
i need a college basketball game. its so hard to keep track of everything now in the world of cbball. both games just dont feel the same anymore with no rosters
# 7 richmondn96 @ 12/17/12 04:25 PM
If I had a College Hoops 2K13, my life would be complete.
# 8 BenGerman @ 12/17/12 04:32 PM
Even after they stopped being made, I was okay playing 2K8. In fact, it wasn't until NBA 2K11 where I just couldn't go back. It's a shame, but that's how it is.

I kind of get the feeling 2K was/is waiting to see if EA brings a college basketball game back with the Live series, and if they don't, they may try and capitalize on the situation. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new basketball game when the Xbox 720 comes out next year, or shortly afterward.

I'm not aware of how games are developed, at least not in a strict sense, but it would seem to be that 2K could slap a very similar engine onto the college game and simply update the code from CH 2K and have a very respectable basketball game and make it for pretty cheap. I'm probably wrong though.
# 9 superjames1992 @ 12/17/12 04:54 PM
I don't know if I "miss" them as I still play CH 2K8 to this day.

In some strange way, I am kind of glad they haven't made one since. I am now 19 seasons deep into my legacy (having played every game) and that's just not an experience I'd get playing the typical sports games that come out yearly. I've logged 600+ career games in my legacy. You can't fit that into a year.
# 10 CT Pittbull @ 12/17/12 04:57 PM
what i miss is a QUALITY college football game
# 11 Daryl1981 @ 12/17/12 05:30 PM
Yeah I definitely miss college bball games... Been playing ch2k8 and NCAA 10 to get my fix, but I would love a new one soon hopefully
# 12 MrWise33 @ 12/17/12 05:48 PM
Every time I play 2k, I Think about college hoops. Its Crazy prices are ridiculous for CH 2k8 now. I'd Trade my 2k13 for college hoops in a second
# 13 MelMan1486 @ 12/17/12 05:52 PM
Very much so. From time to time ill pop in College Hoops 2k8 but the games just so outdated it's hard to get into it like I used to.
# 14 huntt26 @ 12/17/12 05:58 PM
I would pay almost anything to have a new College Hoops game made by 2KSports
# 15 Capitalx @ 12/17/12 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by richmondn96
If I had a College Hoops 2K13, my life would be complete.
If I had it I would have absolutely no social life whatsoever....just like when March Madness rolls around haha
# 16 Reed1417 @ 12/17/12 06:11 PM
I do miss them yes. Luckily I have 2k8 to keep me interested until/if a new one comes out. I really hope one does come out. It's only a matter of time.
# 17 LionsFanNJ @ 12/17/12 06:34 PM
I have 2k8 ( even a copy for the 360 I don't play because I don't have 360 anymore) but damn straight I miss college basketball gaming. Its hard to play 2k8 in game with the changes in the latest NBA 2K releases though. Man I wish it came back. 2k8 legacy with 2k13 gameplay? Sign me up

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# 18 ItsOrangeBaby @ 12/17/12 06:42 PM
Yep, even went back and played 2k8 from time to time until last year or the year before that. Other than that just been waiting for the next instalment, but doubt they would really put out a new retail college basketball game due to pack of sales, but would he good with just a college basketball management game for the arcade.

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# 19 lynkraid @ 12/17/12 06:52 PM
Even though from EA its college game was stale, and I'm sure it still would be. But I do miss a good college game from 2k. I'd personally take a college 2k game over NBA2k any day just because you get the same old crap with the NBA game, and its soo thin compared to the must win season in college ball with March Madness that blows the NBA Playoffs out of the water./ Plus with college you could actually play a full season in a good amount of time, where as NBA thats almost impossible or your bored and sick of it by the time your first season is over.
# 20 Equinox831 @ 12/17/12 07:00 PM
I'm so fortunate that I managed to pick up CH2K8 last year. After A LOT of searching, I found it at a local GameStop for $3. That's a bargain for a game as deep and enjoyable as CH2K8. Some brand new copies are still floating around, but on Amazon they run anywhere from $125-$225..

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