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There have been numerous 2K Sports franchises we have lost over the years, NFL 2K, NHL 2K, and College Hoops 2K being among them. If you had the power to bring back one of the franchises that are now gone, which one would it be? Be sure to let us know in the comments which one and why you picked it!

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# 1 BezO @ 04/01/13 02:10 PM
I'm not into hockey or college sports. NFL 2K please.

Thank you!
# 2 RedPhazon8 @ 04/01/13 02:16 PM
Before 2K13 I would of said NFL2K, but since it seems that 2K is going to drop the PC from it's platforms, so it wouldn't matter.

# 3 shogunofharlem3 @ 04/01/13 02:19 PM
I voted NHL as their NHL games were on the right track but realistically getting NFL back would be HUGE! If I could pick one that would be a better business move, NFL (EA will never let that license expire though) but if I could pick the one I play more, NHL
# 4 sdf4977 @ 04/01/13 02:20 PM
We need a college basketball game back
# 5 mdiggitydawg @ 04/01/13 02:26 PM
None, they are a joke ...their baseball is crap, and I don't understand why everyone liked the NFL..I mean, don't get me wrong, I haven't been able to buy Madden in 2 years because I feel they have dropped the ball time and time again as well.

The state of sports games in general is pretty bad, and I don't feel these companies care to improve it because the masses buy them time and time again. NBA 2K is about the only pretty shining moment in this genre.

Just my 2 cents
# 6 jello1717 @ 04/01/13 02:37 PM
CH2K8 is still the greatest sports video game, and easily one of the top 5 overall video games that I've ever played.
# 7 dorian813 @ 04/01/13 02:43 PM
the easiest franchise and the one that make the most since is College Hoops 2K. 2K already has the best basketball franchise ever and one of the best (if not the best) sports title out. Basically if they take what the have in NBA 2K and implement it to College Hoops 2k it will be an awesome game and it will be done right. The only problem will be the only one that exist right now. Will the game sell enough to make enough since to put together? A lot of people want NFL 2K to be reinstated but I don't know how well the game could compete with Madden for the first 2-3 years. NFL 2K hasn't been in development for years so they have a lot of catching up to do. 2K has proven that they can make a quality NFL game but it will take some time for them to put a NFL game together that will compete with Madden. To me College Hoops makes the most sense because it can launch out the door with a great product but NFL 2K can eventually make them more money in the long run.
# 8 Grey_Osprey @ 04/01/13 02:48 PM
Close call between CHoops and NFL 2K. Leaning more toward NFL 2K at the moment. But it sure would be nice to have a CHoops game....and then maybe they could have importing draft classes into NBA 2K.
# 9 The_Wise_One @ 04/01/13 02:48 PM
College hoops.....easy
# 10 chi_hawks @ 04/01/13 03:02 PM
1) NFL 2k
2) College Hoops

3) Whatever else
# 11 bxphenom7 @ 04/01/13 03:15 PM
NFL 2K without a doubt!
# 12 jfsolo @ 04/01/13 03:18 PM
I voted for College Hoops, but I'm surprised that NFL 2K isn't winning, maybe it will take the lead as more people vote. Putting my own personal desires aside, the return of NFL 2K would do so much for the moral of sport gamers. The dark cloud that has been hanging over the sports gaming genre would be lifted.
# 13 DubTrey1 @ 04/01/13 03:28 PM
I picked NFL, but would rather them bring back college hoops. The reason I picked NFL though is that 2k would get back more on an investment from an NFL title than they would on a college game. I believe that was one of the major issue before when they dropped it - that, and the cost of the NCAA licensing.
# 14 wkukicksbutt @ 04/01/13 03:33 PM
At least there is a NFL game, there needs to be a college hoops game made. I mean there hasn't been a college basketball game made in 4 years.
# 15 jseward92 @ 04/01/13 03:35 PM
Would love to see College Hoops again. Since EA will probably keep the NFL license.
# 16 ratedmoney @ 04/01/13 03:39 PM
NFL 2K simply because the NFL is by far the number 1 sport in America and we need options again. Sad the biggest sport has 1 game and I blame the NFL for this not EA.
# 17 DirtyJerz32 @ 04/01/13 03:49 PM
I was turn between College Hoops and NFL2k, but decided to go with CH.
# 18 jtarolli9 @ 04/01/13 03:56 PM
College hoops. I loved this game, it was great during its time. Definitely missing a college basketball game.
# 19 mestevo @ 04/01/13 04:01 PM
College Hoops, fills the biggest void by a mile, and shares some potential synergy with existing products.
# 20 Jcamps @ 04/01/13 04:05 PM
College hoops!!! There's no college basketball game. All they have to do is release it in January or February right before march madness hits

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