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The Press Row Podcast just detailed everything you ever wanted to know about NCAA Football's Ultimate Team Mode. What do you all think? Will you be checking it out or will you be skipping the mode altogether?

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# 1 willyfantastic @ 05/15/13 09:12 AM
i thought the whole point of UT was you get to build your dream team of players. but there are no real players in NCAA football - so the only point of this EA trying to squeeze more money out of gamers
# 2 MAGboyswifT27 @ 05/15/13 09:16 AM
Agree with the previous posts, waste of time, and gameplay. Could have used up the time spent to make this to fix other issues.
# 3 chi_hawks @ 05/15/13 09:21 AM
No way. I just have to roll my eyes when they come out with crap like this each year instead of allocating time/resources to improving the actual game.
# 4 DirtyJerz32 @ 05/15/13 09:38 AM
NOPE! Just another way for EA to get more money out of us. These micro transactions have really ruined the gaming industry IMO.
# 5 sydrogerdavid @ 05/15/13 09:54 AM
I'm still happy with NCAA 11.
# 6 tinfire @ 05/15/13 11:18 AM
yea dumb idea.. they should spend that time and efforts to work on road to glory.. just adding stuff the FANS dont want.. do they ever listen at all?! sheesh.. disappointed for sure...
# 7 scottyo60 @ 05/15/13 11:27 AM
I'm really excited to play with OSU QB5 and have Clemson WR#2 to throw to with Alabama OL to block... Sarcasm off, I have no judgement till I figure how they will pull this off with the pending case against them.
# 8 ecfivester @ 05/15/13 11:27 AM
Doesn't Teambuilder make this mode moot?
# 9 The_Wise_One @ 05/15/13 11:35 AM
Of course I'll check it out, but probably won't play a ton of it. It doesn't look half bad though.
# 10 jpdavis82 @ 05/15/13 11:43 AM
I am kinda excited for this, interested to see how it compares with MUT. MUT is the main reason I still put Madden 13 in the disc tray almost everyday. I never really got into or understood this mode, but now that I did back in MUT 11, it's one of my favorite features in Madden games.
# 11 CM Hooe @ 05/15/13 12:28 PM
I understand why this mode was added and I think I will dabble in it, but I don't see myself spending any significant amount of money to upgrade my team.
# 12 tko27 @ 05/15/13 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by grandchampbaby117
No!!!!!!!!!! Just make a good football game to play on the field ...online and dynasty play!!! Nobody cares about ultimate team...
Nobody but the EA execs whose wallets need a little more filling.
# 13 charter04 @ 05/15/13 02:38 PM
I won't play it much if at all. For those who wonder why it's even in NCAA with out real players. It will use real players who aren't in college anymore. I still don't care for it.
# 14 GruffyMcGuiness @ 05/15/13 02:52 PM
Everyone saying no and that they wont try it are lying. I'm not super excited about it, but I'm definitely going to give it a shot. It'll be cool to play with Calvin Johnson again.
# 15 VDusen04 @ 05/15/13 03:51 PM
I didn't know what this mode was until I saw the poll question, so I did some research. It sounds like NBA 2K13's MyTeam, yes? If so, these types of modes are the antithesis of what I look for out of a sports video game. Buying packs of video game cards to construct teams, stadiums, and mascots completely hodgepodged together from all corners then facing off in an online gaming battle sounds terribly unappealing.

The only portion of this mode that even briefly caught my interest was the inclusion of real classic college players. Alas, from early rumors, it seems they're only usable in this mode. What would be cool to me is if these players were able to be used as a part of creating classic teams like, say, the 1997 Michigan Wolverines.

Overall, I think I'm just typically drawn to things that replicate real life. Even MyPlayer types of modes, which is usually just one fictional variable in a real life replication, tends to age for me quickly once things get too fake (beginning the season as 64 rated 9th man in rotation, ending season rated 86 and named MVP).
# 16 Sabredj @ 05/15/13 05:03 PM
Nope. Just wish they'd put more time and resources to franchise and presentation. This is a waste of space.
# 17 kingsofthevalley @ 05/15/13 05:04 PM
Nah, I wont be bothering with it. I think they should focus on dynasty mode rather than any extra modes. All of these extra modes could actually be merged to make one very in depth dynasty mode so that the devs dont have to scatter their attention around to so many different things. Make all of this stuff (road to glory, heisman challenge, UT) options within dynasty ya know.
# 18 Scrapps @ 05/15/13 05:23 PM
EA is just so in tune with their customers. Yet another new mode that 85% of potential buyers, couldn't care less about. Its like this company is making a concerted effort to continue to put out a turd of a product. If so, mission accomplished.
# 19 BiggestKJ @ 05/15/13 05:55 PM
EA needs to keep it simple

1. Play now mode
2. Dynasty mode
3. Mini games mode

No mascot games, no ultimate team mode. Focus on the gameplay, atmosphere, and dynasty replayability.
# 20 turty11 @ 05/15/13 05:56 PM
so yet another game/mode where the company and NCAA profits off of players, but if you give them a dollar it is considered illegal benefits....

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