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The old saying still goes, 'defense wins championships.'

While actual studies have proven that saying to not be as true as thought, it's still a good bet that a team wanting to strive to win a Super Bowl should build a very good defense.

In the NFL, a big part of that success begins with a schematic approach to defenses. With such a limited amount of roster space, you have to know what scheme you are building around so you don't waste roster spots better served with other players.

So what do you build your defense on? A three man front to run a 3-4 or a 3-3-5? What about a four man front to run a classic 4-3 or Nickel package?

Be sure to sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums. Also, let us know your base scheme you like to run!

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# 1 bomberooski @ 09/05/13 11:56 AM
Really trying to use a mix of 3-4 and Dollar with cover 3 and cover 2
# 2 frankwyte81 @ 09/05/13 12:13 PM
I run a 4-3, good run stopping defense. I'm already tired of playing Madden 25 current gen. Bring on some Madden 25 info on the PS4 or Xbox one versions.
# 3 AshamanCarnage @ 09/05/13 12:51 PM
I roll out in Nickel the majority of the time, it can stop the run and gives me enough speed for coverage. Definitely need those four d-linemen down there.
# 4 mjavon @ 09/05/13 01:42 PM
I like to run 4-3 over/under. That way I have 4-3 personel and a 5-2 front that helps stop the run. I run a lot of cover 3 so the 'up' linebacker is not out of position vs the pass as he has a flat zone.
# 5 The JareBear @ 09/05/13 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by 55
I always run a 4-3 defense, usually a Cover-2 type scheme.
Same, in NCAA I'm strictly 3-3-5 PB (I don't use customs) but in Madden roll with the cover 2 PB and try to get four down linemen that can get after the passer on their own.
# 6 elliasjwilliams @ 09/05/13 04:09 PM
I run a 46 defense with the speed package with the Saints

Front 4 consist of my most aware and best tacklers. Will Smith RE, Bunkley NT,Kenyon Coleman DT, Victor Butler LE(out wide) They all have awareness above 80 and all are in the 80's for tackling and the 80's for play recognition.

Patrick Robinson ends up being my Sub Corner on the right side where the OLB would usually be in coverage.

I sub in Jon Vilma because of his zone coverage and 83 speed @ the MLB position.

Next to him is Malcolm Jenkins as the quasi LB/Safety (part of the speed package 2nd SS) He also has 87 speed so it stays consistent with getting the faster players on the field. Zone coverage is a 79.

The SS is Kenny Vaccaro of course...his man/zone/press rating are rediculous for a safety and even though he only has an 83 speed his acceleration and agility are superb.

I use corey white as my FS(who i control) Has 92 speed with 92 acceleration and his hit power is a solid 80.

I play the cover 3 shell behind it and I alter it based on down and distance. Im pretty good with my defensive hot routes so ill take away options that i notice you use a lot. Only real weakness is curl routes and outside runs but I play 2deep man under when i see people abusing those routes...or i hot route one of my DE's into a buzz(purple) zone and get an easy pic.

Best thing about it is that its a great rest package because all of the guys I sub in don't play in the base 3-4 sets and the ones that do have a pretty high Stamina(Jenkins/Vaccaro) So rarely am i caught with a lot of yellow guys on the field.
# 7 elliasjwilliams @ 09/05/13 04:15 PM
It also gives the appearance of a 4-3 alignmnet if you back off the corners and shift the LB's
# 8 deadly738 @ 09/05/13 04:25 PM
I am a Defensive-Minded person who likes to be aggressive and blitz as well as play many different coverages. I run a Hybrid Defense using 3-4 personnel that can also shift into a 4-3 if needed. My team (Ravens) are perfect for this as I can show multiple fronts and looks with my base 3-4. I also run a lot of Nickel and Quarter formations against pass-heavy teams.
# 9 canesfins @ 09/05/13 04:49 PM
Always 4-3. I'm always weaker against the run in a 3-4
# 10 Bobhead @ 09/05/13 08:02 PM
D) Whatever the CPU picks for me because I don't even know what any of these phrases mean.
# 11 tarek @ 09/06/13 12:55 AM
I actually don't know what the benefits and weaknesses are between having a 4-3 versus a 3-4. I have always gone with a 3-4 because linebackers are a little bit cheaper to sign that defensive linemen. But I figure that a solid 4 man DL lineup would cause havoc to the OL and running.

In NCAA14 I use a 4-3 and I seem to enjoy it. I usually get some pressure from the DL and it frees up the linebackers to make different kinds of plays.
# 12 madball @ 09/06/13 03:41 AM
I prefer 3-4 but it just doesn't seem as effective as the 4-3 in madden so i usually end up running the 4-3
# 13 Demoncrom @ 09/06/13 09:08 AM
I prefer to run the 4-3 since it give good coverage against running and most short passes but will switch to cover 2 on obvious passing downs. Too bad even when you pick the proper coverage Madden too often see the QB sitting unmolested in the pocket too long and letts people run open.

the pocket should collapse faster to make the game more realistic
# 14 Gorilla Glass @ 09/06/13 09:21 AM
The 34. Its easier to clog the middle and force it outside for my linebackers and safety to clean up.
# 15 The Amaizen Blue @ 09/06/13 10:59 AM
3-4 leaves too many gaps to run through. You practically have to blitz to get any pressure, and that's not my play style.

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