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One of the selling points of many sports games today are the 'dynamic' rosters which are sometimes updated within an hour or less of real-to-life game action. These updates have promised to change how games play throughout the course of a real sports season.

But do these ratings go far enough? We are currently three weeks in to the NFL season and already teams are playing well above or under their ratings thus far. The Redskins have saw their season start disastrously with a 0-3 start. Ditto for Pittsburgh. The 49ers currently are 1-2, after two very disappointing losses at Seattle and Indianapolis.

On the other end of the coin, Kansas City and Miami are both 3-0. And the Bears? Yeah, 3-0 as well. All three of those teams are hardly amongst the highest rated within the game for sure.

There are reasons why these teams have the records they do, schedule strength IS important here after all, but so is how players are performing contrary to expectations. However, we are interested in how you feel about dynamic ratings not just in Madden, but in every sports game.

Do dynamic ratings do enough to deliver a more realistic experience to the game? Do you even care they exist? Sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 Bleak5170 @ 09/23/13 02:23 PM
I don't like the weekly ratings adjustments to be honest. A few minor tweaks here and there are fine, but they usually go too far. It's ludicrous that a player's speed rating should go up or down from one week to the next. Everybody has a bad game or two, (or conversely an abnormally great game) - we don't need these knee-jerk reactions. Maybe 2-3 times per season would make more sense.
# 2 Shadojoker @ 09/23/13 02:27 PM
they don't do much for me..sure ratings go up and down but I do that manually. And sometimes if someone is injured that I want to use I'm frustrated. So I say no to dynamic rosters sure it adds realism but that is what real life is for!
If Derrick rose is hurt and I wanted him to drop 40 on Miami out of hate during the playoffs then yea, I dont want to wait. That's why I play games!
# 3 PPerfect_CJ @ 09/23/13 02:36 PM
Don't care about ratings. Just want rosters to be as accurate as possible.
# 4 sydrogerdavid @ 09/23/13 03:09 PM
The only rosters I use are OSFM and the ones for NCAA Football. Dynamic rosters don't matter to me.
# 5 GlennN @ 09/23/13 03:20 PM
Totally meaningless when playing in a franchise mode. My universe will go its own way.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/23/13 04:22 PM
I don't play online user games. Only franchise or online leagues. Dynamic rosters mean nothing.
# 7 Bobhead @ 09/23/13 05:06 PM
If we had a proper system in place that gave us life-like deviations and variations in performance and ability, we wouldn't need 'dynamic' rosters in the first place.
# 8 iory_yagamy @ 09/23/13 06:10 PM
Don't care. Franchise has his own life
# 9 CheckYourStats @ 09/23/13 06:36 PM
The idea that 3 weeks into the season, everyone needs a massive re-tooling is just ludicrous.

Last year the Cardinals opened the season 4-0 by beating the Seahawks, Patriots, Eagles and Dolphins. Every year there are several teams that start off hot, and fizzle out. Every year there are teams that stumble out of the gate, and go deep into the playoffs.

This week-to-week crap is idiotic, and only EA would tout is as realistic.
# 10 Jdizzy @ 09/23/13 06:44 PM
With the way games play, like Madden, ratings don't really come into play so much. I think it's all part of a big hype machine - the back-of-the-box bullet-point type of feature - that gets people to buy into the "realism" of the game, with the company not really having to back it up with more true to life physics or blocking skills that actually matter for instance.

If madden had week to week player form, confidence attributes (which alters a wide variety of things) or other things of that nature, then it would matter, but too often do players in sports games have no personality of sim-human qualities. Different players should run differently or have different feels to them, rather than just controlling a name with a rating number attached to it that fluctuates in small increments.

I know I pointed out Madden solely, but it was as an example. All sports game could do better in moving in a direction where there is something more than just numbers bumping up and down that don't really have huge outcomes on the sim aspect of the game.
# 11 tril @ 09/23/13 11:43 PM
Anything that makes a game less predictable is a good thing
I personally think the intangibles should be the key focus for dynamic ratings in a game.
Id like to see fatigue ratings, hustle plays, amount of fouls a player commits , how well a player boxes out, turnovers, court awareness etc be the emphasis for dynamic ratings.
These factors I think can affect the team as a whole., and has more effect on team performance and outcome.
a player having a cold shooting night is easy to overcome. cause its individual based.
# 12 cincy14fan @ 09/24/13 03:40 AM
I agree with a lot of these people that franchise/online leagues that this has no affect on. The only time that it does for me, which is always exciting is for NBA. It only happens once I start a franchise but I do like it from that point. It's either a week before the trade deadline or the day later the trade deadline. Where you can jump in and the franchise starts right there with all the current stats and everything. From that point on it is like everyone else says my franchise (or association) will take it's own course. Although if people are injured they are injured in the game. Only like to see if I can change the rest of the course than in real life. That is the only time I actually get excited about "realistic updates."
# 13 elgreazy1 @ 09/24/13 08:41 AM
I think the ratings are geared more towards the online, play now demographic. For those who are into franchise and career modes these dynamic rosters are pretty much are useless. I feel the EA dev team could be utilizing this time resourced to better projects.
# 14 buckeyedawgtribe @ 09/24/13 10:02 AM
I think the time could be used more wisely so a game is not shipped with glaring problems. Dont get me wrong I am truly loving this game but when head coaches dont have a headset on and they are conststantly panned in on it bothers me. The wind is backwards in this game. How does that even get through week two of development. Zone defense yikes.. I could go on but I agree with most of the other posters. maybe update their dynamic ratings every five weeks until the end of the year. it would be three updates and that would suffice.
# 15 TDKing @ 09/24/13 10:28 AM
Waste of time and resources IMO.
# 16 brahmagoul @ 09/24/13 10:45 AM
The feature I'd rather see is a living season like we saw in the last NBA Live. If I fired up Madden today, my "live season" or franchise would implement real-life results and stats into the games I didn't play. Sure, I couldn't sim ahead and only play Week 4 games right now, but I'd like that!

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