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By most accounts, NBA Live 14 has failed to meet even our lowest expectations at this point. As of this writing, the game is the lowest rated PS4 game on Metacritic, averaging in the mid-40s.

The question is, are you as a sports gamer willing to ever give EA basketball a chance in the future after this release?

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# 1 facu23 @ 11/25/13 11:45 AM
After the trash of 14? definitely no!
3 years developing that game? i think they lie to us. They make the game in one week
# 2 Hassan Darkside @ 11/25/13 11:47 AM
Only if it gets positive reviews. I won't just write the title off forever because of a bad stretch. But I won't buy it either until there is consensus positive feedback. It seems like forever ago that I was buying two basketball games. Now I can't even imagine doing that.
# 3 juicey79 @ 11/25/13 11:53 AM
I admit I got swept in all the E3/next gen announcement hype and really thought live would resemble characters that were presented at the reveal. I partly blame 2K's "game James" character for setting the expectation so high for a franchise that has been runner up for 8 plus years in my opinion. Out side of the well done replicated arenas and ESPN presentation package this game is a straight up failure. I don't know if I will ever buy another live game but I do hope they return or update the title as they claim. I do honestly feel for there development team. 2K isn't perfect but they are already way ahead in the race for basketball video game dominance.
# 4 Lovesports @ 11/25/13 11:57 AM
Never...this might is the worst sports game of the year
# 5 DirtyJerz32 @ 11/25/13 12:07 PM
Yes. Its' basketball and I'm a junkie. I also don't care about anyone else's opinion other than mine. It's nice to read what others say, but I'm the only person that matters if I like a game or not.
# 6 eko718 @ 11/25/13 12:11 PM
I'll consider it when/if they make a game worth considering.
# 7 Ldot825 @ 11/25/13 12:15 PM
I cant consider anything Ea puts out sports wise, and i definitely know that sorry excuse for an apology is only because there was competiton involved. Believe me guys Ea would be apologizing for Madden had they not have the exclusive rights to the nfl. Its not right or fair to treat loyal fans of the live or what was the live franchise.
And im not a 2k fanboy btw, cause 2k is by far not perfect. But im more geared towards what creates a more realistic sports simulation experience. And Ea had numerous opportunities to turn this franchise around and has dropped the ball everytime. Sorry Ea, but maybe its time to close up shop on the live series altogether.
# 8 quehouston @ 11/25/13 12:53 PM
Maybe in a couple years. Even though some of the animations are wonky, they still have a pretty sim foundation to build on. Hope they continue in the right direction.
# 9 HustlinOwl @ 11/25/13 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by 55
Nope, they should cut bait with basketball and jump back into baseball now that they can again.
Nope and baseball would face they similar fate as that development team is long gone
# 10 rudeworld @ 11/25/13 01:07 PM
EA sports, I believe is caught in between a rock and a hard place. I believe they are trying to create a game that caters to everyone... The arcade heads and the SIM-Heads when they are making LIVE. Where they mess up is that it's not appealing to anyone because its too arcade for the SIM-PLAYER and and too "SIM" for the arcade player. In my opinion I think they should just bring back the NBA STREETS series and scrap the LIVE/ELITE brand. NBA LIVE for years on the GENISIS suffered from players gliding and skating around like well they were on skates. We as consumers ate it up in those GENISIS 16-BIT era because the hardware limitations where understandable (sort-of)... so for years we as consumers allowed this to happen.... when the Dreamcast launched (without EA/EA SPORTS surprisingly) we as consumers finally got some sort of players (in NBA2k & NFL2k) feeling like they had some weight to them, but since the SEGA Dreamcast was dominated by the PS2 LIVE was what and where the gamers were playing, also because the name recognition.

Anyways onto current gen and NEXT GEN., we as consumers are not so easily duped. These games that EA is trying to cram down our throats with a $60 price point are NOT cutting it.....

That was the LONG ANSWER..... the short answer is HELL NO, especially if the quality is piss poor as it has been in recent years.
# 11 CM Hooe @ 11/25/13 01:14 PM
I'll give any game a chance if I read positive reviews for and/or impressions of it. I don't necessarily believe that next year's version will be terrible just because this year's version is apparently quite substandard; it will be its own game that should be judged on its own merits.
# 12 Rebel_INS @ 11/25/13 01:27 PM
If they ever release a game that ISN'T complete dumpster juice, then I'll give it a shot. Til then, they need to go back to the drawing board and hire a complete new staff because whoever's on that team now isn't getting it done.
# 13 supermanemblem @ 11/25/13 01:40 PM
I would considering how their PS4 version of Madden is much more playable than any last gen version. Also, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because it was a launch title. I only played the Live demo, but I like the feel of the game, the ball mechanics around the rim and ESPN collaboration. 2K may be better, but it's got some glaring warts too.
# 14 LingeringRegime @ 11/25/13 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by Lovesports
Never...this might be the worst sports game of all time.
Fixed it for you my dude.
# 15 Bblade @ 11/25/13 02:09 PM
HahaHaha!!!!...yall live fans seen kyrie dribbling the ball and thought that thought that this would be a good game!!!!!..nba 2k rules!!!..ea give up the football rights please!!
# 16 cream6 @ 11/25/13 02:28 PM
Hell no. They can actually stop making football as well.
# 17 DubTrey1 @ 11/25/13 03:57 PM
How far off in the future we talkin' about? Seems they need more than the 4 or whatever years it was off to get to this - they need another 4 or so to get up to snuff. 2K will have blown them off the map for good by then.
# 18 LowerWolf @ 11/25/13 04:23 PM
Never say never, but they'll have to string together several quality releases to get me to stray from 2K.
# 19 Jadakiss88 @ 11/25/13 04:34 PM
I will give it a look just because of competition sake but I have to see something really mind blowing something 2k hasn't thought off that makes me want to play it....(like a olympic mode to go along with the Association and MyPlayer modes hint hint 2k & EA)
# 20 exempr @ 11/25/13 04:52 PM
please EA stop doing basketball game on this sports is a waste of time and money just bring back Fight Night and u will making tons of millions this is the game impossible to beat on this new generation trust me.

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