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Well, that was easy.

The Denver Broncos were completely dismantled by Seattle in Super Bowl XLVIII, with the final score of 43-8 not even seeming to give the game justice for how one sided it truly was.

With football over now, what do you do for sports? Look forward to baseball? Move on to basketball or hockey? Sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 brianski71 @ 02/03/14 09:44 AM
Who cares? It's been hockey season since October.
# 2 Pezell04x @ 02/03/14 09:59 AM
Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey.

Olympic hockey (which is the best kind of hockey)

And we can finish March-May with Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey.
# 3 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/03/14 10:01 AM
It's time for basketball and baseball. Now the real fun begins.
# 4 outkaz79 @ 02/03/14 10:13 AM

National Signing Day
NFL Combine

College Pro Days

end of March - April
Spring practice and spring games

NFL Draft
Rookie Mini camps

Voluntary workouts
Training camps open

I should be ok lol
# 5 elgreazy1 @ 02/03/14 10:24 AM
Well, fortunately, us football fans have plenty of options to play on our consoles and live out our simulation football glory.... oh wait, that's right, we don't.
# 6 outkaz79 @ 02/03/14 10:29 AM
elgreazy1..haven't seen that name since All Pro 2k8 ... *starts to cry*
# 7 VonRye @ 02/03/14 10:32 AM
Watch the NHL (through the playoffs) and play NCAA Football 13 (never bought 14 because they jacked up the recruiting aspect) until Spring Training begins, then it's Road To The Show until August when college football starts again.
# 8 cream6 @ 02/03/14 10:36 AM
Continue to play madden 25 and NCAA 14 on current gen because I'm done with EA. so I will just keep plaing those games for my football fix. As for watching sports, I get into basketball during all-star weekend to the NBA Finals. During that time I start my count down for NFL and college training camps to start. I hope baseball can give us a magical season.
# 9 Majingir @ 02/03/14 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by brianski71
Who cares? It's been hockey season since October.
In Canada...it's always hockey season lol.

The poll choices all seem kinda biased sounding, like football is all that mattered and NBA,NHL,MLB and even Olympics are a downgrade in terms of watching.

For me:
I'm thinking about Olympic starting around Friday(especially since NHL will be taking a 2 week break)

Then next weekend I'm looking forward to NBA All Star weekend like I always do(and trade deadline happening days later)

Then after Olympics are over with, NHL starts back and trade deadline is real soon

MLB Spring Training also starts up after the Olympics are over with

Then NBA,NHL are in the final stretch of the season and playoff races really heat up

MLB Regular season also starting up right around that time too

Then NBA,NHL playoffs begin and last until June

So ya....ALOT of great thing in sports happening in the next 2 month timespan alone
# 10 TreyIM2 @ 02/03/14 12:48 PM
First off, I'm still relishing what happened last night because I told several ppl I could see that happening and broke it down to the letter, including the two INTs including the pick 6.

Other than the gratification of ppl realizing I wasn't talkin crazy and I must look like a god to them right about now, especially to one of my boys who was REALLY yakkin about this game leading up to it and being completely wrong, meant nada for my particular or any money in my pockets, altho I'm still a bit miffed that Seattle left Welker sooo wide open on that 2pt conversion because I woulda won money for that qtr with a 6-6box. Whatever. My cuz got it instead so good for her...

But, uhh, back to the topic. I got the NBA to fall back on.Started off unusually interested in the games early on but fell off a lil lately altho I still catch games here and there. It'll definitely pick back up for me. Looking fwd to some baseball. Not a big fan but I peek in. I think once The Show hits my PS4 this spring/summer/who knows, I'll be even more into bball.
# 11 AntiBandwagoner @ 02/03/14 02:05 PM
I think it's finally time that I got into hockey. I myself have never attended an NHL game but from what I have heard it is a fantastic experience.

Oh, and there's always CBB and the NBA to hold things down during the offseason.
# 12 DBMcGee3 @ 02/03/14 02:51 PM
Winter Olympics, March Madness, Masters in April, Champions League final in May, NBA playoffs May/June, World Cup in June/July, and of course baseball and hockey if that's your thing. Plenty of goodness to go around until next September.
# 13 RecordBreakerCF @ 02/03/14 03:13 PM
Spring Training FTW.
# 14 Dolphins88 @ 02/03/14 04:03 PM
hockey, olympic hockey, more hockey then The show should be here for ps4 then playoff hockey and basketball starting up.
# 15 Dolphins88 @ 02/03/14 04:05 PM
I just wish we had good nfl game to look forward to in aug or sep(
# 16 jmaj315 @ 02/03/14 04:08 PM
Time for basketball.....
But after march madness its all about the baseball season

nba been lookin mighty soft these last few years.... (minus playoffs)
# 17 ANDROMADA 1 @ 02/03/14 04:54 PM
Its never over for me. Football/365.

Between the NFL network and Ebay I have plenty of football to check out.
# 18 XMrAngryEyesxX @ 02/03/14 05:56 PM
Well when you live in Alabama football season is never over but I am a huge basketball fan. Let me include that I am a Syracuse college basketball fan. Of course I root for Alabama basketball but with Grant completely sending the program into the ground... So March Madness and the hopes of the Warriors making a huge run in the playoffs are what I'm looking forward to.
# 19 thetrueBROSKY @ 02/03/14 07:06 PM
Only one other person mentions Soccer? IN A WORLD CUP YEAR???
Basketball/hockey/soccer rotation till early july!!
# 20 statum71 @ 02/03/14 07:37 PM
I normally would say basketball. But now that its a 4 team league its boring.

Nobody else has a real shot besides Miami, OKC, Indy, and the Spurs.

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