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Both the NFL and Madden NFL 15 are hitting the midseason mark, gamers are undoubtedly fully in form with this year's Madden NFL. What have you settled on as a defensive scheme for your Madden NFL 15 squad? Are you running with mainly man coverage? Are you playing more zone? Are most of your plays a combination?

Sound off in our poll and let us know what your defensive philosophy is this year!

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# 1 Haupt24 @ 11/03/14 04:48 PM
I mix it up. I like to blitz on 1st or 2nd down then hopefully I've forced a 3rd and medium/long and can run a Cover 2/3 zone and let the pass def do their job to get the ball back. I rarely ever run straight man coverage as I just don't trust the CPU players to cover crossing routes, etc.
# 2 Ghost Of The Year @ 11/03/14 05:12 PM
I can't rely on any one aspect. If I don't utilize man, zone and blitz, then I'm just asking to be beat.
# 3 dsk1317 @ 11/03/14 06:22 PM
With all the new coverage adjustments, it makes it easier and safer to mix up your coverages. Giving different looks on defense is a must, and you need to alternate between mofc and mofo looks. As far as blitzing is concerned, I try not to do it too often, and pick and choose my spots carefully.
# 4 LordHorc @ 11/03/14 06:41 PM
I used to run pure man in Madden 25 with plenty of success, but now I use a mix. In the first half, i usually switch between zone and man blitzes, that way they're forced to become one dimensional and pass the ball (I actually managed to hold a computer on All-Madden to 2 rushing yards this way... they only tried running it 5 times).

On obvious passing downs, i usually play zone for the bend-but-dont-break method.

Finally, once they're committed to the pass, i switch it up with man and zone, and occasionally send a safety in on a blitz.

I use this method against ppl and computers... works fairly well
# 5 Caleb_Tenacious @ 11/03/14 06:59 PM
i play as the D-Line man and attempt to get a sack..
Playing the CPU is frustrating though because every QB is perfect.
# 6 bigsmallwood @ 11/03/14 10:40 PM
4-3 defensive scheme mixing coverages and blitzes when necessary
# 7 Khanchus @ 11/04/14 01:46 PM
i have to mix it up

the frustrating part is when they have like 10 secs in the pocket and they wait for the recievers to break their route...if i am not in the vicinity with a safety i more than likely get burnt...thats my biggest hurdle

i like man defense tho the best....i would blitz more often if i had a better nickel corner or my safeties were a bit better ...i like using the ravens and their safeties are lacking in attributes but i love developing them

my dline is beast but i hardly get pressure with out a blitz....this is mostly against cpu.....against a user i am a lot more aggressive and really try to learn my opponent, if they have a bag of tricks and a lot of plays it makes it a fun challenge
# 8 BucksFan5Covers @ 11/04/14 10:05 PM
I use nothing but man for the most part. I usually have to switch to zone at halftime but that's only for a little but. I play with the Browns online and their secondary is better if used with man.
# 9 Cards_King70 @ 11/05/14 04:45 AM
I usually go with man to man because of low threshold and fast speed.
# 10 etfromsd @ 11/06/14 05:26 PM
All depends on your team really but given the choice: Zone Blitz is the way to go. Just play soft, four man rush for a while, then add pressure when needed until the QB gets paranoid and throws a crosser to a backer in a hook zone. Of course the dreaded 2 man under gets heavy use if its working.
# 11 jeekqing @ 11/20/14 05:39 AM
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