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Roster updates are increasingly being trumpeted by sports game developers as a key feature throughout the lifetime of a product. Both EA and 2K are delivering timely roster updates for titles, with NBA 2K15 being the most recent example of frequent and well done roster updates.

Do you think roster updates are important? Do you take advantage of them?

Vote in our poll and sound off with a comment on just how important up-to-date rosters are for your experience.

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# 1 kgbrolic @ 01/05/15 09:21 AM
Roster updates are top priority. Without them, the game wouldn't feel real at all. Kudos for 2k going the extra mile incorporating not only roster updates, but the little things like update on accessories.
# 2 Majingir @ 01/05/15 09:24 AM
For me, I see them as extremely important. Always have, ever since I first started playing sports video games. I remember when I was little, before the days of laptops,portable electronic devices,downloadable roster updates and stuff, I had to write down every single transaction on a piece of paper(or just write down the names of all the players on a team,based on the boxscore I read in the papers) and then make sure their lineups were accurate in the video games.

I think I still have a piece of paper back from MVP Baseball 2005 days and it has hundreds of names on it. It's basically like: (just using 2014 transaction as example)

Blue Jays:


and stuff like that repeated so many times.

Roster updates are part of reason why I ever joined this site in first place. I used to be on another site which was real big in terms of posting "CAPs" online since downloading things weren't an option yet. Once they shut down, I came over to this site.
# 3 Retropyro @ 01/05/15 09:27 AM
I like them, but don't need them so frequently. One update a month, unless there has been some earth-shattering player movement, seems fine.
# 4 NxckBrxdlvy @ 01/05/15 10:04 AM
Transactions are really all that I feel are absolutely necessary. Ratings updates are fine but not too important to me honestly.
# 5 IceNHL @ 01/05/15 10:06 AM
Once I start my franchise/season mode...it doesnt matter anymore since everything becomes contained within the mode. So they should do it a couple of times a season but probably not really needed super frequently.
# 6 Rewmac @ 01/05/15 10:14 AM
Roster updates are really important to me. Sometimes I would like more accurate ratings for younger players who are on a roll, but still decent stuff.
# 7 DiscountCleric @ 01/05/15 10:21 AM
Not super important to me. Once you put any time into a long-term mode (a Franchise or MyPlayer or Road To The Show) the rosters get all out of whack anyway.
# 8 BSchwartz07 @ 01/05/15 10:26 AM
They are somewhat important. I actually would like to see the logic used to change ratings throughout the year applied to the franchise and career modes. Guys progress WAY too slow in actual game modes.
# 9 jfsolo @ 01/05/15 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by IceNHL
Once I start my franchise/season mode...it doesnt matter anymore since everything becomes contained within the mode. So they should do it a couple of times a season but probably not really needed super frequently.
Originally Posted by DiscountCleric
Not super important to me. Once you put any time into a long-term mode (a Franchise or MyPlayer or Road To The Show) the rosters get all out of whack anyway.
Yeah, if you're a Career mode player they're not as vital, but frequent updates is a nice thing for the online H2H players or for the players who try to mimic the real life roster movement while playing quick games.
# 10 worstsportsgamer1977 @ 01/05/15 10:39 AM
i like it, and its absolutely necessary. 2k is the premier basketball game. it should be up on all roster moves and changes. there is a large community that play quick games. im sure some of the leagues may use it as well. its not that hard to keep up on. sometimes addressing the smaller things as this make the community more appreciative. its like getting you windows washed at the gas station without asking.
# 11 Cowboy008 @ 01/05/15 11:00 AM
As long as the rosters are up to date right when the season starts I'm good since I only play Franchise mode.
# 12 speedtrucker @ 01/05/15 11:11 AM
this has always been a mixed bag for me...

with 2k and Madden it has never been a big deal to me as long as the rosters are right when I start my franchise. those 2 games are almost always played as franchise or some times myCareer/myplayer mode in 2k but the same effect. I do not play those games online at all so I don't care for the rosters being updated as frequently outside of the trade deadline.

the game that I do really like the updated rosters is FIFA, and even then only because that is a game that I play online or against buddies more frequently. so it is cool to have the gameday match-up rosters that track form, injuries, international duty and transfers during the windows.

that being said, I know the importance which is mainly to the online match-ups. especially with 2k where trades come more frequently and with modes like team-up and straight vs, that is much more important to maintain as close to current rosters as possible.
# 13 GlennN @ 01/05/15 11:11 AM
As others have said, since I only play franchise mode, roster updates are not important to me. Once my franchise begins, I want it to take on a life of its own and differ from reality. I would, however, like the ability to edit within franchise mode, a feature that usually is lacking.
# 14 RyanJS08 @ 01/05/15 12:01 PM
I think they're important for those who play online. Injuries happen fairly frequently so having the most up to date rosters just add more realism to the game. But I also think 2k kind of set themselves up for a bit of a letdown when they were getting updates out everyday the first few weeks or month. Now they've slowed down, but we kind of got used to having daily updates and there's people now that get impatient waiting for the next update because they're not coming out everyday. I still think 2k has done an AMAZING job in terms of the updates and listening to the 2k community and trying to implement the changes that are requested.
# 15 KGHerm @ 01/05/15 12:39 PM
I really don't care about them.

None of the big games have great, non-cheesy online gameplay, so I'll be fine with opening day rosters, whether it be a great edited set, or the regular default rosters.
# 16 DJ @ 01/05/15 12:46 PM
I really like the frequent roster updates for NBA 2K15 as I play a lot of NBA Today games, so it's nice not having to make roster moves myself.
# 17 spidertour02 @ 01/05/15 12:52 PM
I play exclusively offline in GM-type modes, so roster updates mean nothing to me.
# 18 dilladawg4 @ 01/05/15 02:17 PM
It's great except for the injuries. Honestly as long as teams are making trades,waivers,and injuries, it's almost pointless til the end of the season.
# 19 BA2929 @ 01/05/15 02:54 PM
2k just released an update which basically moved Tarik Black to the Lakers, along with a few attribute updates for some guys.

Does anyone really need that one?

Once every 2-3 weeks, or if a trade happens, is all I need.

Then again I never play online, so it's less important for me.
# 20 tril @ 01/05/15 03:50 PM
its coll that they are updated frequently, but I wouldn't miss them if they disappeared. Like someone said, once someone starts a franchise mode, the updates become unnecessary.

what would be nice though is to include a feature/option that would allow a franchise mode rosters to be updated to accurately reflect injuries, trades, ratings etc.

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