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The Patriots are back at the top of the NFL mountain, beating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in an all-time classic Super Bowl.

But now, now football is over. So that means the sports world's attention will have to shift somewhere else. So where is your attention heading?

Are you not even going to noticed with the NHL and NBA ongoing? Is it time to start talking baseball? College Hoops? Or is football really not over for you?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leaving a comment on what your sports watching trends are going to be in the months ahead.

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# 1 KennyJ1976 @ 02/02/15 11:41 AM
When football is over, it is completely dead to me. I could care less about anything that goes on in the off season. I don't even play Madden anymore.
# 2 MAGboyswifT27 @ 02/02/15 11:57 AM
The great thing about Football is that the season is always going. There's the Combine, Draft, FA period, Madden 15, Fantasy Football Prep etc. In the meantime I'll mix in some 2K15 and the Show before the new one drops. If you're a Sports Head, you'll find something else or keep busy in some way with Football.
# 3 Cod @ 02/02/15 12:41 PM
I didn't even realize football was done until this morning (was at beach all day yesterday).
# 4 aukevin @ 02/02/15 01:08 PM
Mainly in baseball mode now, but I've been following the Nashville Predators lately and have really enjoyed watching their games. Having never watched a full NHL game before and 15 years removed from watching more than 30 minutes of a game, I've been surprised how much I've been into the Preds game lately.
# 5 Nature_Boy @ 02/02/15 01:35 PM
I will go with Football never stops. We have the draft, free agency, and so much more!
# 6 LowerWolf @ 02/02/15 02:26 PM
It's hard for me to get into basketball and hockey until the playoffs start. I'll take a breather and think about baseball for a bit. College basketball comes to the forefront in March. And then baseball/basketball/hockey in April.
# 7 djp73 @ 02/02/15 03:05 PM
"And so much more!"

Arrests! Drug violations! Players going to rehab! Maybe even murder!
# 8 The GIGGAS @ 02/02/15 03:41 PM
Time for the Timbers!
# 9 statum71 @ 02/02/15 04:27 PM
Always a tough time. Hard to get into basketball until playoff time. Especially college.

So after All Star weekend I'll just be waiting for march madness, baseball, and the nba playoffs. Meanwhile I'm just playing FIFA and 2K.
# 10 videlsports @ 02/02/15 05:08 PM
Im going to the NBA as always. I will also watch national signing day, Hockey etc but no baseball
# 11 stooge 1010 @ 02/02/15 05:13 PM
Nhl, go blackhawks.
# 12 JeremyB @ 02/02/15 05:57 PM
I Picked time for baseball.

I'm kind of like some guys with football but only with baseball. In the winter I still play the show,Strat and prepare for my drafts, actually strat gets alot of play time all year with baseball and football.
# 13 BULLKID @ 02/02/15 07:27 PM
Its The Show
# 14 cattlekiller @ 02/02/15 08:23 PM
For me its football never stops as well.Matter of fact I honestly like the draft/free agency/offseason better than the regular season.Of course I may be a little biased being a Raiders fan and mostly our regular season's have been pretty awful for the past decade.At least during the offseason all teams are on somewhat equal footing. The older I get the more I find the offseason fascinating.How some teams go all out for one season and others save for the future until their drafts start paying off.
# 15 fnz21 @ 02/02/15 08:45 PM
For me it's never really a one sports season. Basketball and Hockey happen at the same time, and baseball happen at the end of those seasons. They're always on TV so it's not like I can't watch them whenever I want.
# 16 sydrogerdavid @ 02/02/15 10:04 PM
I'm not the biggest NFL fan, so I despise hearing about the NFL from after the Super Bowl until August.

That's one reason why I don't watch ESPN.
# 17 Mr. Hanky @ 02/02/15 10:33 PM
I stopped watching the NFL several years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made after spending 30 years being a die hard wasting so much emotional capital on something that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. So naturally, I voted "hardly noticed".

I pretty much only follow the NHL at this point, although i've been disconnecting from that as well to an extent. I still watch and follow but I don't ride the emotional roller coaster anymore. My emotional energy goes into my 3 year old, and i'm not going to raise him to be a branded drone for the pro sports leagues to bilk money out of.
# 18 grodbetatted @ 02/03/15 05:39 AM
Football is never over, but basketball will be getting my primary focus
# 19 CloudFuel @ 02/03/15 09:03 AM
Football never stops. EVER.
# 20 BezO @ 02/03/15 09:14 AM
Current sports, but only NBA for me.

I'm also looking forward to baseball, but not living in my hometown diminishes my interest.

After the NBA finals is when I start paying attention to football again.

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