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Madden NFL 16
had a big E3 week, with plenty of new feature announcements. You can read some of our thoughts on how the new features are stacking up in our E3 hands-on preview.

Many of the new features, such as DB/WR interactions (with the added mechanics), have been requested by the community for several years. The better penalties and reworked QBs are also going to be big additions.

However, it should be noted that the defense has saw improvements as well to the gang-tackling and tackling mechanics.

What do you think? What gameplay addition has you most excited as we head into the new season of Madden?

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# 1 snc237 @ 06/24/15 03:31 PM
I always like when defence sees an improvement. This year looks like it's shapping up to be a really nice madden
# 2 asu666 @ 06/24/15 04:58 PM
Easy, more/better penalties. Playing without them completely changes the sport.
# 3 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 06/24/15 05:09 PM
For me it's definitely the fact that they cleaned up the physics, polished the game, & added gang tackling. I have yet to notice any morphing/player clipping before or after the play which is huge! We knew that DB/WR interactions were coming this year as it was hinted last year, however I'm pleasantly surprised at all of the other improvements (head tracking, better running animations, etc..)

Another improvement worth mentioning that is quietly flying under the radar is they added what looks like SIGNATURE BALL CARRYING STYLES! I can't tell for sure if they're signature or not but there are definitely various carrying styles which is something I've been asking to add for years! RB's actually run & carry the ball close to their real life counterparts from the vids I've seen so far. This may be one of those improvements that Rex talked about not really wanting to advertise because it's something that's part of football & should go without saying.

I'm impressed with all the improvements made this year. It's been a long time coming but we finally have a game to be excited about. The game is not all the way there yet & the devs are the 1st to admit that, but I think we're in good hands going forward.
# 4 Ziza9Noles94 @ 06/24/15 05:38 PM
Penalties for me.
# 5 Big_Blue @ 06/24/15 08:04 PM
improved ball carrier locomotion, quaterbacks included. It can definitely be improved upon but I love the step in the right direction.
# 6 Sheba2011 @ 06/24/15 09:02 PM
WR/DB interactions AND Penalties because they go hand in hand. If the system for both works co-dependently this will be the biggest addition to this years game.

For someone like me who spends most of their time in CFM's, I would say the combine results is the biggest new addition.
# 7 Peter_OS @ 06/24/15 09:02 PM
I've seen too many of the 4 man gang tackle animation in the videos I've seen so far. I hope they tone this down when the game is released.
# 8 jfsolo @ 06/25/15 09:41 AM
I can't vote yet. I've haven't seen enough to make a choice. For me though, as a User vs CPU player only, reworked QB's would be my choice if all additions work optimally. The poor CPU QB A.I. is what ultimately led me to stop playing the game last year, so that was priority number one.
# 9 josephid @ 06/25/15 10:15 AM
The gameplay is great, don't care what they improve. I just hate that they still think presentation needs to be like watching a TV game. Every dam play we have a tv replay or tv cut scene, nothing in real time. Please give us a option to turn off.

Less is more and I bet EA adds even more garbage cut scenes or different angles after the play. They never have and never will improve presentation until they fire the NFL TV films guy. As for a vote on gameplay, everything is good enough, just hate too much seeing a stupid coach after every play.
# 10 juduking @ 06/25/15 10:49 AM
Has Rex or any of the game play guys at Tiburon shown how the button press catches will not be over powered or cheesed? I haven't seen anything on it.
# 11 JayD @ 06/25/15 02:21 PM
Penalties by far. How many years have we been asking for them to implement a better penalty system?
# 12 SIR924 @ 06/25/15 04:51 PM
Gameplay, and Penalties. There are some small things they could fix to make this game even better. Things like the players on the sideline looking in the right direction during a play. And 98% of the time after a tackle, I notice the players lay straight on the backs before getting up. If they could tune those up, then the game would look a little different.
# 13 bukktown @ 06/25/15 11:12 PM
QB AI could be a game changer for me to not trade the game in for NHL/FIFA/NBA2K
# 14 rudeworld @ 06/26/15 06:21 AM
I can't understand how I can go a few games in a row without a penalty being called during the season (when one is called it's a mysterious pass interfarence)... I welcome you penalties... with open arms. I wonder if they'll call holding on me. Lol
# 15 El Comodin24 @ 06/26/15 06:02 PM
the ability to regain more confidence in the preseason in cfm as well as the commissioner being able to reset confidence for a team.
# 16 Armor and Sword @ 07/03/15 10:33 AM
Quite frankly all of them are realy welcomed improvements.

Madden 16 has the potential to be great on the field.

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