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Draft Champions is the newest feature in Madden NFL 16, and we're curious to know what you think about the new mode. Have you tried it out yet? Let us know if you have and what you thought of it!

Vote in our poll and leave a comment on if you plan to use Draft Champions or not throughout your Madden play-time!!!

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# 1 Semipro91 @ 08/28/15 02:55 PM
I think its awesome, I love when company's come up with fresh content. Having Sports games every year makes it very tough to keep things "fresh". I think madden has done something great here with this mode, 2K is also pretty good at keeping things fresh. NHL and Fifa need to take note.

The best thing about this mode though, there are definitely ways to improve/tweak this going forward which is promising.
# 2 misterkrabz @ 08/28/15 03:03 PM
It's pretty much all I've played. I think it's a good way to coin up and collect player cards and build your ultimate team as opposed to grinding through online MUT games and getting your head kicked in by pay to win players. I've played about 20 Draft Champs games and have been able to accumulate 3 elite players for my MUT team and numerous upgrades at other positions.
# 3 sethisthegoat @ 08/28/15 03:10 PM
I've played it quite a bit so far. It's been, easily, my most-played mode, even though I haven't done too well against other players. The only people I've beaten have quit part way through. One, I was up 21-0. But the other two, I was only up 14-7 in the 2nd quarter. Super annoying.

Anyway, I love easily picking a new team, and I've agonized about whether to pick a QB when Matt Ryan pops up in the 4th round, or to wait around for something better. In my current team, I grabbed Ryan Tannehill in round 13, only to have Randall Cunningham pop up in Round 15. (I panicked slightly because I'd gotten stuck with Mark Sanchez in the previous draft, and had a terrible time.)

I actually am having my best run right now, even though I'm a bit low on skill players. My OL is all 85-88, and I am having a lot of success running the ball even with my "71" running back.

It's also serving as a way to get me into Ultimate Team a little bit, as I get packs. It's also a great passer-of-time until I boot up a franchise mode after the patch.

A lot of strategy in setting up your team;
the chance to play as different players a lot;
generally equal teams

Though I haven't won all 4 games in a row yet, I do wonder what sort of lasting incentive there might be to play the mode after winning the championship vs. other players;
No way to play the mode with friends

Tied into the playing-with-friends thing: This could be a super fun mode to run a tournament in. It would be awesome to set up an 8-team tournament using Draft Champions.
# 4 Vermin @ 08/28/15 03:23 PM
I think it's great. It's like a taste of MUT without the commitment. If I draft a poor team, I'm done with it quickly and on to a new one. That last game is a big jump in difficulty though.
# 5 kidwithhelmet @ 08/28/15 03:28 PM
The concept is great, although I don't like playing online against random players, and the mini-season against the computer is boring.

If they were to open this up to being able to draft n play against your friends, this mode would be superb. So even though I like the idea, I don't think I'll end up playing it much.
# 6 bowld @ 08/28/15 04:15 PM
Only mode I have really been playing. I dont play MUT and this mode isnt likely going to change that. I will never spend real money on any mode so MUT is an instant turn off for me.

Only problem I have had with DC is the short quarters. Played a guy this morning who used temp to milk the clock and ended up taking all 8 mins of the first half on one drive.
# 7 milldaddy35 @ 08/28/15 05:18 PM
I see the same players far to often...really takes the replay value down.
# 8 BaylorBearBryant @ 08/28/15 06:36 PM
It's nothing special. It's basically Quick MUT. I wish they would spend more time with CFM and add back OTP.
# 9 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 08/28/15 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by milldaddy35
I see the same players far to often...really takes the replay value down.
This! They really need to add more players to the pool. Just a few take aways on how EA should improve this mode because it definitely has potential.

Quarters need to be 5 minutes long in my opinion. 3 minutes quarters are entirely too short. I understand they wanted games to go by quickly, but 3 minutes is just not enough time to get any type of game strategy going. It also forces people to go for big plays far too often.

Equipment needs to be flushed out next year (especially for legend players). Where's Christian Okoye's signature rolled neck brace? Players need to look more true to their real life counterparts.

EA really needs to expand on signature animations for players especially RB's. As it stands now, all players are basically able to pull off the same moves which should not be the case. I shouldn't see big power backs being able to pull off spin moves like Barry Sanders. They really need to add more individuality to these players. The trait system is a nice start but we need players to have their own animation packages ala NBA 2K. This would be HUGE for Madden & add so much more to modes like Draft Champions & MUT.
# 10 ratedmoney @ 08/28/15 11:10 PM
Wish there was a option for tried it and like it as I wont say I love it. Its a damn good mode. But it has a boatload of potential going forward. Im excited to see how this mode is expanded upon.
# 11 Mattuf1 @ 08/29/15 12:37 AM
Tried it once, just smaller MUT. Focus on Franchise mode that you haven't done anything with in years. MUT has really wrecked the Madden series and it's too bad because the gameplay this year is outstanding. Would love for it to matter in an franchise mode.
# 12 nolesfan3 @ 08/29/15 09:19 AM
I tried it but the novelty quickly wore off. With the franchise mode really the only thing I play being so messed up, this game is sitting in the used section of my local GameStop. I'm back to playing The Show.
# 13 Benz87 @ 08/29/15 09:56 AM
I tried it for the first time last night and definitely enjoyed it. I spend a lot of time with MUT, and Draft Champions pays a large reward in regards to improving your MUT team for the time spent. It only takes 10 Draft Champion badges to unlock a non-tradeable/non-auctionable double elite pack, and I already have 9 badges off playing 4 Drafts last night. You can also unlock a tradeable/auctionable 90 OVR AP, Tebow, or Patrick patterson off 100 badges. This would obviously take much more time to earn but are selling for 200K plus on the market.
# 14 NYJin2011tm @ 08/29/15 11:08 AM
Ah it's ok, not saying it's bad just ok. Played it once, not something I will play a lot. Only thing I enjoy playing is Franchise.
# 15 Trent Booty @ 08/29/15 04:44 PM
It's an awesome game mode. I especially like that it can help your MUT team.
# 16 berad88 @ 08/29/15 10:17 PM
I liked it at first but it got old very fast. 3 min quarters ruins this game mode. No point in even trying to have an offence that focuses on the run.
# 17 NewJack @ 08/29/15 10:42 PM
I have played it and it was ok... maybe it is better online I don't know, I avoid online play cause I seem to find all the glitchers and that takes away from the fun factor for me I am down to play anybody from here however Since all i have seen on here are legitimate ballers and played a few who follwed OS!!! NewJack is my XboxOne GT
# 18 TheGorbyy @ 08/30/15 12:01 PM
i think its pretty sweet i got lucky one time and had Calvin, Beckham, and Thomas went 3-1
# 19 Herky @ 08/30/15 03:41 PM
I tried it out and really enjoyed it. I do wish you are able to create a team however like you could in the past. I don't like using real teams for my Drafted team.

Otherwise it's a great addition.
# 20 tshokunbi @ 08/30/15 05:08 PM
As a MUT grinder, I love this mode. You get a lot of bang for your time and it can really help your team out. Drafting is fun, but if you are into MUT, the rewards are definitely worth the time investment.

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