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Sports game franchise modes are still the bread and butter of our genre (in our opinion) -- but there are some aspects where each game tends to continually fall short.

To spur on a healthy discussion, what do you think is the most important thing for sports games to get right in their franchise modes in the future?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment on what items you think need to be added, especially if you selected other!

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# 1 Jadakiss88 @ 10/23/15 02:25 PM
As hard as it is I want what's in the game in the game. I'm not even talking about the rare one handed OBJ catch (that definitely needs to be tweaked...love the catch system but that Aggressive can be over powered).

Like I stated on the "Dynamic Goal and Confidence thread" I want realism. NCAA Football years ago included the Student Athlete concept into the game and it was awesome....even though the biggest complaint was suspensions seemed random.

I would also like to see a more player involved off-season with workouts being dictated and scheduled by the player. That just a few things.
# 2 cowboys22bulls23 @ 10/23/15 02:28 PM
Single season mode and playoffs for all sports games madden the show nba 2k and nhl. And roster carry over from game to game.
# 3 cch99 @ 10/23/15 02:37 PM
What I'd like to see is more things that make your Franchise feel like it's a bigger world and not just about your team. Highlights of other games during. Weekly wrap-up shows. Playoff Preview shows, etc.

The 2 best at this "recently" for me have been. College Hoops 2k8 with the weekly wrap-up and the selection show. And NCAA Football 2014?. The one with the cut aways to scores around the NCAA and also the SI covers. I loved that. I also liked the weekly show on NFL 2k5 and the Old Madden's when they had Bruno were cool with the radio show.

That's the biggest thing for me is making it feel like a real league. Madden is ok with Twitter stuff and the screens but it's too little.

Why can't loading screens have big games that are happening that week/day too. Who is the favorite, etc.
# 4 Aceballer1737 @ 10/23/15 08:25 PM
I want see the championship banners my team wins hanging in the rafters of an arena or stadium the next season. Maybe a cutscene of it being unveiled at the start of a new season. It would be nice to be able to choose which of your best players jerseys to retire and they get hung in the rafters or even a statue is displayed in a stadium/arena. It would help to give a visual sense of accomplishment in your franchise of all your great roster moves and draft strategy.
# 5 InspectorButtz @ 10/24/15 12:22 AM
I agree with cch99 with things like wrap up shows and things like that to really make it feel more immersed. And I'd also like to see some off the field type stuff like suspensions to mix it up a little bit more
# 6 aka_EM_JAY @ 10/24/15 09:09 AM
More Draft bust and more draft surprises. Being and Xone owner I can't speak much on The show but in 2k and Madden a high round draft pick with great potential will always be a star and a low round draft pick with low potential will never break out. Although the latter rarely happens there's draft bust in every draft, especially the NFL. This is part of the reason 'chise modes are so easy to build a dynasty; you never have to worry about drafting a bust.
# 7 chadeo23 @ 10/24/15 01:09 PM
I agree with CCH99. The most important thing to me is feeling like you're in a living, breathing league. I want more immersion. Give me highlights of other games around the league, plays of the week/month/year, player/coach interviews, talk about blockbuster trades during actual games, award ceremonies, players of the week/month (for mlb the show), new stadium/arena banners as you win championships/divisions/conferences. More immersion!
# 8 UnOriginal @ 10/24/15 05:18 PM
In game gameplay: Madden has so many bugs that need to be reworked that I could easily start ranting. Nba an mlb games for the most part are on the up and up. They are nearly flawless interms of the actual sports part.

The thing that really annoys me is how shallow the player development is. If my player is leading the league in production then don't you think his skills should mirror his production? Unfortunatly sports games restrict this based on a predetermined "potential" grade rather than allowing a free range possibility that any player can beat the odds and take the league by storm (ah la Richard Sherman, tom brady,kieth Hernandez,kevin rogers). Every single year in every single sport there are diamonds in the rough who blow up big. Who your coach is rarely effects player development and there is no vetran leadership/ rookie learning curve.

I can go on but ive probably already lost you at player development.
# 9 GlennN @ 10/24/15 08:02 PM
Better stat/award/player history tracking. To immerse myself fully in my universe, I want to be able to look at a player card and see which teams a guy played for, his full year-by-year stats, how he was obtained by current team, awards and all star recognitions, championships won, stuff like that.
# 10 Ruben2424 @ 10/24/15 10:09 PM
Definitely no more story elements. I'd like to see more player personalities/interaction like in 2K's MYGM mode. I feel like scripted storylines don't belong in sports games...especially in a franchise mode! One thing that makes sports games awesome is that they are open-ended and dynamic. Scripted storylines ruin the experience.
# 11 RicoLaguno @ 10/25/15 11:25 AM
I think the major problem with many of the sports games today is that the design teams are focusing too much on player behavior and story elements that actually take away from actual resource and development time of actually improving the gameplay to more realistically mimic the sport.

Personally, I dont care to see a player's personal life and story further developed in these sports games, I just want to see more realistic separation of player skills and attributes ON THE FIELD demonstrated before anything else!

I want to see more variety in gameplay, outcomes, plays developing, more strategic risk and reward for your decisions.

I want to see more player and team distinctions play out that required different strategies and gameplans to overcome. Most all of EA sports games (Not 2K) allow a player to use a rinse and repeat strategy against all their CPU opponents to be effective. And that to me, is a sign of a very shallow gameplay engine

# 12 kidmadison32 @ 10/25/15 11:57 AM
A daily/weekly recap show and bringing saved MyLeague/MyGMs from previous games in NBA 2K
# 13 Money99 @ 10/26/15 08:02 AM
That's a heck of a loaded survey, haha.
I'd love all of the above really.

The one thing that I'd love to see all sports games adapt is NFL2K's weekly wrap-up show.

If a 10-year old game on a console 2-generations old can have it, why can't the new machines?

Out of town highlights is another wish of mine.

NHL94 was one of the best sports games ever, and part of it's greatness was watching out of town highlights.
# 14 JayD @ 10/26/15 08:29 AM
Where is the option for all of the above? Just make Madden's CFM just like Madden 05 franchise mode and I'll be good.

# 15 Phillyboi207 @ 10/26/15 08:47 AM
Honestly I think you guys should just look back at Madden 2005...

That was one of my favorite franchise modes. I think progression should work exactly like that one does but nerfed a bit (Should be rare to see a +4/-4 in stats, you should need a monster/horrible game)

I LOVED being able to scout opponents and their top plays. And I want opposing GMs (the AI) to do the same and be prepared for my favorite plays on each down.

Keep the ability to progress players on our own but let us be able to divide up all of the hours at once. I HATE having to put Derek Carr through the same drill 8 times in a row when I should be able to just assign all the hours to that 1 drill if I want.

Also get rid of the development trait. Just have a work ethic trait/badge like 2k does. This way high work ethic guys will develop on their own during the off-season. We should even be able to tell them what we want them to work on. Whether it's lose weight (increasing stamina and potentially speed/acc but the risk of losing strength) improve catching etc. That's what happens IRL.

I also think having different level scouts should make a bigger difference, and that coaches should have different philosophies attached to them. Some prefer talent over need when drafting. Some trade picks, some stockpile em etc.

And please bring back the coaching sliders for franchise. I think each coach should come with their own base stats (Like players do) and in franchise mode depending on the coaches trait we should be able to change them.

For instance, Bill Belichick would come in with pass play dominating over run play for offensive play calls. BUT if Brady were to retire and he was given a dominant running back it should adjust to the other way around. And week to week I think the same adjustments should happen depending on opponent and coach's adjustment attribute. Some times try to impose their will on an opponent and stick to their strengths. The Patriots adjust to an opponent's weakness while trying to take away their strengths
# 16 jeremym480 @ 10/26/15 03:52 PM
I voted for Other: "All of the Above"

# 17 malky @ 10/26/15 05:06 PM
I agree with basically everyone, especially the first few posts seem to nail it.

NCAA COLLEGE FOOTBALL was on the right track with the cut ins of the scores. Something about it as I continue to play it, never gets old, especially when you see a upset of a top team. Anything to immerse "you" in YOUR FRANCHISE.

Bigger celebrations for records being broken in game. Banners being able to be seen every year in your stadium or arena as they multiply.

Maybe, or especially in NBA and MLB games-- show some age of the players after ten years, either grey streaks in their hair, or maybe they switch to bald or half bald.

Things like this would be awesome.
# 18 darknmild @ 10/26/15 11:06 PM
Everything that was given as an option to vote for. All those items should be addressed and delivered.
# 19 aka_EM_JAY @ 10/27/15 12:46 PM
I find it interesting that the overwhelming theme here is some sort of weekly rap up show. Franchise modes biggest problem in all games are that they are all to easy. Is there anyone out there who isnt able to establish a dynasty that will challenge for the championship every single year for more than 20+ years? In every sports game franchise mode I've played for the last 15 years I've been able to win championships at the rate of the Bill Russell. I think that is the most unrealistic thing in sports franchise modes and it needs to be addressed. Whether it's horrible trade logic or easy player development/progession strategies, they are just too easy.
# 20 Skyflame21 @ 10/27/15 02:06 PM
1. Archive Systems - definitely want to be able to look back at previous seasons see who won what awards, how each teams season went, etc.

2. Records - Sports is all about the statistics and where teams rank either in league history or even team history. Having team leaders not just the #1 guy but top 10, would be great. Nothing's better for a deep immersive experience is drafting that young guy and watching him move up the ladder of your team or league history books.

3. Real Broadcast Presentation - Nothing drives me more nuts than hearing Phil Simms on Madden. Talk about the NFL on EASports. Like its some new TV Channel. Having these games with real television partners, graphics, overlays, commentators is where it needs to be. NHL has done great with the NBC package and the old NCAA Basketball had a year with ESPN & CBS broadcasts. Those are the next things that need to be implemented as the norm not the rarity that they are.

4. Customization - NBA 2K hit this out of the park. Offer as much customization, let me create the league and virtual world I want to play. Allow me to edit players, gear, everything. The more I feel this is my gaming world and the more I can make it how I would like to see it... The more I will play and feel the immersion in the experience.

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