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EA Sports UFC 2 will have an Ultimate Team Mode.

The mode will feature the ability for you to create teams of up to five fighters with you being able to customize your fighters from their appearance all the way to their attributes.

Overall there's a lot of typical Ultimate Team fare with fight packs which will include upgrade items and boost items. The Ultimate Championships look interesting, with the ability to fight for and defend championships on an online leaderboard.

Where do you stand on EA Sports UFC 2's Ultimate Team mode? Will you be playing? Let us know by voting in the poll and sounding off with your thoughts in the comments!

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# 1 petbeaver @ 02/03/16 07:29 PM
You bet, been playing the knobs off the Beta. Always running out of stamina cards though
# 2 JohnDoe8865 @ 02/03/16 10:33 PM
Actually recently downgraded my pre-order from the $69.99 UT focused pre-order to the regular $59.99 game. I've tried but I've just never been hooked by any Ultimate Team or MyTeam mode.
# 3 jcas007 @ 02/03/16 10:43 PM
Definitely, at 1st wasn't sure but now that I understand it more probably the mode I'll play the most
# 4 brent3419 @ 02/03/16 11:01 PM
one i get better yes

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# 5 TheShizNo1 @ 02/04/16 06:32 AM
Thought I'd see more votes for yes. I'm pretty surprised.
# 6 kisstopher5 @ 02/04/16 09:33 AM
Yes! I always give the them a try in Madden, but lose interest fast. But, with MMA being my favorite sport and the concept of only using created guys/girls, I can't wait and can see myself playing it more than any other mode.
# 7 Paletero @ 02/04/16 11:38 AM
If you were to ask me this before the Beta, I would have probably said no...Now that I got to mess around with UT for UFC2 a little bit, I'm actually digging the game mode and will play the crap out of it.
# 8 jb12780 @ 02/04/16 11:46 AM

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# 9 tonyk96 @ 02/04/16 12:43 PM
Maybe once I learn the game better. Getting tired of guys spamming body uppercuts and my guy is done for after 5 punches. I could see 5 uppercuts to the face drops my guy, but 5 simple punches to the abs and my guy is done.. Need to adjust that.
# 10 RUFFNREADY @ 02/04/16 06:02 PM
Hell Yeah, and here is why:
# 11 The Senator @ 02/04/16 08:27 PM
I don't do UT modes in any game, and although I though the UFC2 Beta was a blast, and have the finished version on preorder, I'll not touch Ultimate Team.
# 12 kingsofthevalley @ 02/04/16 08:34 PM
Oh most definitely!!! UT works well in this type of game. I've always wondered why fighting games never get "dynasty" modes with UT, Myplayer, etc type of modes, its the perfect set up.
# 13 travis297 @ 02/08/16 08:18 AM
With out a doubt.
# 14 fballturkey @ 02/09/16 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by A6_Foul_Out
This the new thread of EA gaming? instead of adding new, interesting, engaging game-modes...

They just slap game content onto cards, release it weekly and sell it for 50$ a week?
I'm going to guess you haven't read up on how this UT mode will work? It isn't like Madden/FIFA/etc. You create your team of 5 fighters and the cards that you get unlock new attributes/moves/etc. It's got a couple flaws but overall it's not a retread of the older UT modes and it's not slapping 'content' (whatever that is) on cards to sell for '$50 a week.'
# 15 Reejer @ 02/14/16 12:54 PM
No. Primarily because I feel that the UT concept is responsible for the downfall of sports gaming.
# 16 TheShizNo1 @ 02/17/16 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by Reejer
No. Primarily because I feel that the UT concept is responsible for the downfall of sports gaming.
Why is that? what is this downfall that you speak of?
# 17 Pappy Knuckles @ 02/22/16 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by TheShizNo1
Why is that? what is this downfall that you speak of?
Exaggeration station out here lol.

I'll mostly be sticking to fights with the regular roster online, but the Ultimate Team seemed pretty fun for the bit I played in the beta.
# 18 The JareBear @ 02/22/16 11:31 PM
Ultimately team in beta was super fun! Cant wait for it

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