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The Warriors had a magical run of 73-9 in the regular season and now they're dominating equally as thoroughly in the post-season. In many ways, its almost as if Golden State is playing on a difficulty level setting which is a hair too low.

Or perhaps maybe Golden State needs to adjust some sliders -- especially for Curry who just seems to make everything.

Let's face it, regardless of what you think, the Warriors run has simply been not sim. Maybe we can take it all up with Adam Silver soon.

If you had a season like the Warriors in NBA 2K16, what would you do? Would you assume you need to bump up the difficulty? Adjust sliders? Sound off by voting in our poll and respond with a comment!

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# 1 DBAB23 @ 05/04/16 09:41 AM
I would have def upped the difficulty, figuring my sliders were hosed or something - heck, I would not even have waited to go 73-9... I would have bailed on my sliders and settings around 12-0 assuming something was up. They are quite simply a team of glitchers and griefers - in real life LOL. Holy crap this team. Curry making 33 footers, straight up cheese in game - until you see the guy do it, on the reg mind you - in real life. SMH
# 2 DatIsraeliGuy @ 05/04/16 09:53 AM
I had a 73-9 season once, it was superstar with challenging sliders, but I did have 4 90 rated players...
# 3 cch99 @ 05/04/16 10:41 AM
It really depends on the team I was using. I tend to try and get my sliders at a place where I can compete and beat most teams I feel equal to and have the opportunity to beat better teams. I also play one sim three to balance out my skill versus the true skill of the team. Plus I get more seasons in this way.

So with a team like Golden State i probably wouldn't really think twice about it but if I was the Sixers I'd probably adjust sliders.
# 4 spoofrice11 @ 05/04/16 12:46 PM
Definitely make it harder.
I like to struggle some and improve after a few years of rebuilding. Winning all the time wouldn't feel realistic (this was an all-time record year for the Warriors). If my team gets too good after I've made it harder and had struggled, then I trade away some of my best players for rookies (usually I replace a guy or two each year with a prospect).
# 5 Darkcasio @ 05/04/16 02:39 PM
For sure raise difficulty.
# 6 tril @ 05/04/16 03:42 PM
this all depends. If I was in the first season of gm mode, Id probably start tweaking sliders.
It also depends in what manner I was winning. are all the games blow outs etc?

Truth be told, I haven't had a dominant season in any sport game in over 10 years. once I start winning consistently I lose interest. and If I lose alot also I lose interest.
# 7 boxboy99 @ 05/04/16 05:29 PM
My philosophy lately has been to try to beat a difficulty level and then move up. This allows me to learn the game and prepare me for a tougher challenge. This year on NBA 2k I took the Cavs and played 1 game per week and all playoff games on vet difficulty (can't think of the correct one now but the one below all star). Once I won a title I would move up in difficulty. I had never won the finals on 2k and of course I did this year for the first time. So the next season I took over the Kobeless Lakers on All Star. Granted I have not played much.

Better example is MLB the Show. I love this game and have never been good. Last year I took the default roster Cubs who are not good. Early in the year I felt I had the hang of vet but wasn't totally ready for all star. So I decided if I was below .500 I would play on Vet and over .500 I would play on all star. This allowed me to have fun and prepare for a challenge while I learned the game. I went 80-82, the first time I ever played an entire baseball season. I planned to move my save to MLB 16 but with all the carry over issues I decided to plan the next season on 15. This time I am on all star all the way. We're an impressive 39-23, however we are a 1/2 back to the Brewers. I'm already thinking about making it harder but I've never won on a MLB game. Regardless of the result I'm sticking to all star. If we win it all I'm ready for the next difficulty level.
# 8 jfsolo @ 05/04/16 09:53 PM
Unless I played on rookie, I would never be good enough to have that kind of season. On pro and all-star I would never win that many games even with an elite team unless the A.I. was just trash, and that would make me stop playing the game.
# 9 infamyice @ 05/05/16 01:09 AM
I wouldn't think too much about it. There's only but so much difficulty in a game of basketball.

I'm not a fan of giving out handicaps to the A.I. or my-self, so finding that sweet spot in sliders vs attributes is key.

Year in and year out, I play with the Celtics in my franchises because I know that team well and know how to play with the roster to maximize potential. After a year or two, it's likely to turn any team in a contending team or get a record like 73-9 (I've captured 72-10 in back-to-back seasons with the Celtics)

If anything, if winning becomes "too" consistent, I'd depart with some cheese to balance out. But nobody plays basketball to lose... Least I hope.
# 10 SpeedyClaxton @ 05/05/16 07:26 AM
Watching yesterday clash between Cavs & Hawks, during 3rd quarter and onwards i realized such blowout was never possible in 2K16. Surely Cavs hit enormous number of 3's, in 2K would have to happen at some point of game a crazy run for Hawks like 24-5 or 20-2 just to balance the score.
# 11 aka_EM_JAY @ 05/05/16 12:00 PM
I try to build teams to break the record by simming alone. So no I wouldnt change the difficulty at all. In previous 2ks I've had a few 80 win seasons. I admit this is ridiculous. For the last couple of years though 2k has had an "anti-superteam" code when simming. I win more games have no more than 3 all-stars as opposed to teams with 4 or more.
# 12 Ruben2424 @ 05/05/16 08:28 PM
Considering that I already play on a pretty challenging difficulty for my skill level, I'd feel proud of achieving the season record the Warriors set! I'd definitely continue playing!
# 13 Garrett59 @ 05/08/16 05:05 PM
The cubs won 97 games last year, they are a very good team lol.
# 14 Bobhead @ 05/10/16 06:38 PM
Dominating in real life is very different from dominating in a video game. In real life you still have to work hard for it. It's your livelihood and you still have to/get to pour hours and your soul into every game. Even Steph Curry has to practice to remain Steph Curry. He has to hit the gym several days a week to stay as strong as Steph Curry.

In a video game you just push a couple of buttons. It's already easier. You don't actually have to work on your shot, or your vertical balance. You don't really need to learn how to move without the ball, the AI does that for you. You don't have to maintain conditioning, the players are in the same condition every time.

When you're good enough to dominate in real life, it is a continuous investment to keep it that way. In a video game, if you're good enough to dominate today, you'll probably be good enough to dominate tomorrow. Once you got it, you got it. It never really gets harder unless you raise the difficulty level.

So I would definitely raise the difficulty level.

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