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Madden NFL 17
features a much more balanced feel to defense where you can realistically be a zone or man team and actually have some success. In the past, zones were too soft and really weren't nearly as effective as man coverage in most situations -- but have the zones in Madden NFL 17 changed your mind?

Sound off in the poll about which type of defense you are playing more of, and let us know what you think is the more effective defense in this year's game!

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# 1 ASUBoy93 @ 09/30/16 11:59 AM
No huddle offense.
# 2 Egotgame17 @ 09/30/16 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by ASUBoy93
No huddle offense.
Think you misread the question
# 3 onac22 @ 09/30/16 12:52 PM
I agree no huddle offense.
# 4 Rubio809 @ 09/30/16 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by onac22
I agree no huddle offense.
I also agree with this.
# 5 SonicBoom2040 @ 09/30/16 01:24 PM
Should I say no huddle offense or go with what's behind door number one Monte? Oh....go with the door you say? Cool...hey its Man Coverage! What I win?
# 6 SolidSquid @ 09/30/16 01:54 PM
I think this is the most balanced I've ever been on defense. I'll start the game playing mostly man or zone depending on the qb and WRs but I'll switch it up after halftime to get some confusion going and force turnovers.

Against the cpu though I call whatever, doesn't seem to matter on all madden lol
# 7 Dexter75 @ 09/30/16 02:04 PM
Seahawks cover 6 show 4 will stop literally everything as long as you user one of the backs and cover mid sidelines. Drags will work but they are tackled pretty much as soon as they catch it and its only 2-3 yard gains. If someone persists in doing it, pressing will all but stop it and you still wont get beat deep because the backs are that good.
# 8 Lakers 24 7 @ 09/30/16 02:55 PM
Zone, man defense isn't great.
# 9 Poundtherock @ 09/30/16 03:20 PM
I'm liking zone much better this year, Chris. Yes, Poundtherock [remember] is still playing Madden, just a wee bit older, lol.
# 10 Cowboy008 @ 09/30/16 04:35 PM
I switch between the two.
# 11 NahICant @ 09/30/16 05:35 PM
Zone. The inclusion of now coverages especially cover 6/9 and 3 match. There's a zone for every situation. For as scheme I love the 3-4 and the 3-3 Wide especially.
# 12 jfsolo @ 09/30/16 05:54 PM
Probably 70-30 zone. I'd prefer to be around 60-40 man, but my personnel just doesn't match up well in man unless we're defending the red zone. Two of my backers and both safeties, can barely cover a ham sandwich, let alone any receivers, it is a great risk if I put them in man and don't get instant pressure on the QB.
# 13 ASUBoy93 @ 09/30/16 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by ASUBoy93
No huddle offense.
To be serious; I am using primarily zone (60-40) running out of my base Nickel defense - NFL is changing boys!
# 14 saybur @ 10/01/16 03:01 PM
Forced to use zone. Man defense is a broken mess.
# 15 OtherMoon2 @ 10/01/16 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Rubio809
I also agree with this.
It really is the best defense
# 16 OtherMoon2 @ 10/01/16 04:35 PM
But really, I have actually become a fan of Cover-2 hard flat/Show Cover-4
# 17 cable guy @ 10/01/16 05:15 PM
Combination of both. But probably lean towards cover 2 a little bit more
# 18 HardHittnOzone @ 10/01/16 06:41 PM
Mostly zone but with the different variations of c3 and c2 it's easy stay within one scheme and adjust flat coverages accordingly.
# 19 ggsimmonds @ 10/02/16 05:57 AM
I run zone more often than man, but I use man for the most important plays. Kinda like 1st and 2nd down zone, man on 3rd.
# 20 edgevoice @ 10/04/16 03:38 PM
Using much more zone than I ever have before. Man coverage is a little tricky, especially cover 1, since there are match-up issues even with auto flip turned on. Gotta be real careful folks, since there are formations that line the tight end out wide with a corner in coverage. That also means a receiver is matched up with a lb or safety. Cover 2 Sink is very effective for me in the red zonem. Cover 3 Match seems effective on 3rd and medium.

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