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Are We The Blame For Low Sales Figures.. 
Posted on June 23, 2011 at 06:27 PM.
Let me start this off by saying, I love Operation Sports. I visit this site numerous times a day, and participate in the forums. It occurred to me today sitting in my office, that maybe one of the reasons why Madden sales have dropped off and video games sales in general, is sites like this. I can remember there were plenty of times I would get into line early in order to make the purchase of a new Madden or NCAA football, but now havenít bought a game on the first day of release in at least two years. Before I make the purchase I always wait to see what the community says about the game and the problems they have run into. The communication that can be found between gamers on this site is amazing, and they continually look out for each when it comes to buying games. A perfect example this year was the new NASCAR game that was released by Eutechnyx. Several of my friends, including myself, couldnít wait to get our hands on this game, as we were hoping to have fun with this game. We all enjoyed IRacing, and didnít expect it to be as good as that simulation, but we figured it would be enough to cancel a monthly subscription to that site. As the game begin to be pushed back from the initial launch date we began to worry, and the game went from a day one purchase to a wait and see purchase. Then once it was released, we were very glad that we waited, and checked OS. The game was terrible and there were numerous bugs that literally made it almost unplayable. NCAA 12 is upon us and it has gone from a day one purchase to a wait and read. I have been following game play videos and watched the stream of the demo, and I just donít think I can make the purchase day one. There seems to me that there are just as many problems and issues with this game as last year. I know the EA guys are checking out the boards, and they are involved with us and the issues we have, but until I start seeing changes in the game play, I donít know how I can drop $60 on a game without first seeing what others have to say. I think if companies want to see their sales increase, they are going to have to start getting the enthusiasm back into games, not by just adding features we ask for, but also making sure gameplay gets them excited as well. They canít continue to put this game out with the same shaky game play, and tell us it will be fixed with a patch, that just doesnít sit well with me.
# 1 Eski33 @ Jun 23
I am like you in that I like to read people's opinions. However I never let others opinions influence my percepetion of a game especially those that are familiar.

I loved NCAA 11 and find it funny that since E3 and EA's decision to show it behind closed doors that many sites have posted opinionated information that EA is trying to hide something. Since then I have read many forum posts how people now think NCAA 12 is losing steam.

The developers have done an outstanding job with providing tons of upgrades from defensive AI fixes to amped up visuals and presentation. Not to mention that the online dynasty is one of the most fulfilling features of any sports game.

When it comes to new games I tend to use multiple sources to help develop a position of purchase or hold off. Like you, NASCAR was a game I looked forward to but after reading reviews on multiple sites, most had the same opinion that the game had too many bugs that made the game unplayable.

I am not disregarding your process of helping you to determine whether you want to spend your hard earned money on a game you may not like. I dont usually take everything everyone says because there are things I dont put too much stock in like commentary, sideline appearance, etc. Whereas for many people, for example, these are deal breakers.

For me, I loved NCAA 11 even with its flaws. NCAA 12 may not be the big leap that Madden is taking (using the NCAA engine) NCAA 12 will, IMO, be even better.
# 2 DaggerSwagger @ Jun 24
here's my opinion on the situation,many ppl should get an outside opinion on ea fb games because of the last few yrs. they have not delivered the way they advertised them to be and also madden in particuliar (since they have the exclusive lisense) only upgrade the game in compartments only to take features out when they put them in.If you are the only game in town you should make sure your game is "REALLY" true the game not a slogan just to sell your game.I mean there are too many things in madden they haven't done correct, starting with the fundamentals of the game like ball tracking, better line interactions, better josling between wr/cb and that's just to name a few.Gameplay should be the most important part of any game but when you add things like MUT...really? just a feature to squeeze more money out the consumer.That space they are using for that should be used for better gameplay like the things i mentioned earlier and with all that said they are improving their game BUT where were these improvements earlier this gen?
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