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Another Feature That Could Seperate QBs 
Posted on August 10, 2014 at 02:24 PM.
For the first time in a while I am actually excited about an upcoming Madden game. From what I have seen so far the developers have me interested in what they have in store for us this year. I know there are many different features to be excited about but the one that has my interest the most is the idea that we will notice a difference between the best and the average quarterbacks. With EA Sports adding the idea of errant throws it seems we may be on the way to seeing a difference and that has me thinking of other ideas that could be implemented into the game to help separate the quarterbacks. One of these ideas is adding in a rating for leadership.
The way this could work is your players on offense are rattled or composed at the end of the half, game, or a possession down by a touchdown or more based on who the quarterback is. Say you are playing with the Patriots and you are down by four with two minutes left in the game. With Tom Brady as your quarterback you receivers and lineman receive a small boast in route running and blocking because they know if they can get open or get Brady time he can lead them down the field. His leadership would also allowed the players to get to the line of scrimmage quicker and pick up the audibles better. However, if your quarterback was a rookie like Blake Bortles or a veteran like Matt Cassel your guys may not have enough confidence that their guy is going to be able to the job done and lead them to victory.
I can remember from playing NCAA Football in the mid 2000s they had the composure and rattled feature and your coach could try to calm the players down during timeouts. I think this new feature could be done somewhere along those lines. Now, this feature could not be overdone because then it becomes too much of a "superhero" power, but I think it could be something that would make the best players stand out from the average. Granted all of these guys play in the NFL so they are great athletes but it's easy for us to see sitting on the couch on Sunday that some of these guys are just a step or two better than others.
I'm looking forward to the game this season and I hope it turns out to be an exciting and fun game to play as we enjoy another season of NFL football. I would love to hear what you guys think about this or any ideas that you think could be possibly implemented to Madden, so feel free to comment.

# 1 thescoop @ Aug 10
I'm very excited for this year's Madden and I agree that having errant throws is a huge plus. I know several of us were tired of robo QBs and what not. If I'm playing against Matt Cassell or Peyton Manning, I should see a difference. In the past I really couldn't. Here's hoping this will change this year.

I think we could be in for a treat this year.
# 2 Mercilus @ Aug 14
I see what you're saying & yea I remember those days in NCAA. Being a freshman qb & trying to win in Tuscaloosa with that crowd will rattle your composure immensely. And this sounds like, the idea you're proposing, something from the old superstar days when they implement roles for your player. Evidently, leadership was one of the roles & everyone one offense (depending your position) gets a boost in all of their offensive stats. This would benefit well & then the defense will obviously have a strong role too: such as tougher coverage & being able to disguise the coverage better.

All of that would be awesome.
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