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A feature Madden needs 
Posted on August 14, 2015 at 07:31 PM.
For the past month I have been enjoying Madden 15 lately. I have come some nice roster sets from the Madden community. One roster has team changes and rookies for next year and the other has the roster from 1996. Between these roster files and my tweaked sliders I have had some amazing games.

I got to thinking hence the title to this blog. Madden needs what NBA 2k15 has with myLeague. Now I know it's too late for this year by far, but something that needs to be considered for the future. We need the ability to customize our divisions. For example on NBA you change the teams in the divisions. We need this in Madden, think oh some of the divisions lineups we used to have Titans and Steelers in the same division or my favorite Ravens and Jaguars, not to mention old school Browns, Steelers, and Colts the old NFL teams that were moved to AFC with realignment. Just think of the possibilities that could sizzle this series. I really wish this could become a reality maybe a commissioner mode to go along with the others. What you guys think?
# 1 Fifa fan 90 @ Aug 15
Not to shoot down your idea but EA only cares about UT... Which leads to why madden is not playable to me now.
# 2 poulka @ Aug 15
Yeah you are right about that. They only had had one Madden that had this feature, which was 2002 when Texans joined the league you could rearrange the divisions. I don't care for UT such a waste. Thanks FIFA fan 90.
# 3 Vizen @ Aug 17
One other feature that Madden needs is to add the practice squad. This move would help deal with putting players on IR during a season and calling a player up to fill the spot. Been saying this for years, so I know it won't happen.
# 4 poulka @ Aug 17
Yes I agree Vizen. People talk about why Madden gets all the hate. Well before they put all the eggs into the egg kart of UT, we need full features of what takes place in the NFL. OTA, combines, these are all items that are needed oh yeah pro days.
# 5 poulka @ Aug 17
Thanks Izen for your comments.
# 6 bkluvsm3 @ Aug 18
Might not be important to many but a customizable euipment feature ..we should be able to customize visors,arm sleeves(assuming they add),Cleats !!! Let us create and customize cleats ala 2k shoe editor that will be dope
# 7 bkluvsm3 @ Aug 18
Gloves* as well
# 8 poulka @ Aug 18
BizDevConglomerate 2k does allow for draft rosters and the features if Madden would adopt those that would be great instead of this UT stuff.
# 9 poulka @ Aug 18
Bkluvsm3 that would be huge asset in Madden. I am a helmet buff and cleats as well. To have an equipment editor in this game would be epic. Great ideas people keep them coming.
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