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Madden 12: Nfl draft weekend info 
Posted on May 1, 2011 at 02:30 PM.
is it just me or is anyone else disappointed with the info revealed? normally nfl draft weekend we get a ton of info...and its what holds us over til E3. but this year...we got 2 trailers and some screenshots from those trailers. some vague details on additions that can only lead ppl to speculate...which can lead to disappointment. this game is one of the most looked forward to maddens as far as what it should bring to the table, yet we got the least info from the nfl draft in who knows how long.

here is what we did get. screen shots. well everything looks good as a still. we got 2 vids. the gameplay trailers showed some good stuff, but also showed alot of what we are still frustrated about. the defensive ai jumping in crazy out of position ways and just knowing when the ball is coming even tho their head is turned.

the presentation trailers seemed tight but it was just a bunch of cut scenes. u could make a trailer like this from madden 11 and it would look pretty cool. i wish they woulda gave an example showing when a cut scene will start. presentation is spose to be so huge this year. but we havnet heard if they made the commentary any was so bad last year. gus johnson was tight but the fact he says every playes name with enthusaism and excitement for making a 2 yard catch. what about the pregame qb scenes? fix that? they took out a halfgame show last year cuz 10 sucked so bad. and then took out the weekly show this year cuz it sucked so bad. why arent these being fixed? or made better?

we got a madden preview. but it was just on presentation. but alot of the key elements ppl are curios about as far as presentation were NOT addressed.

i love the new 3d grass they added.
i like the improvements to gameflow.
i like that they worked on franchise.

but for gameplay all they added was defenseive logic and tackling. but hardly anything on offense. what bout the ever horrible blocking?

im not saying madden is gonna suck. i think they made alot of good improvements. but e3 is when they normally show off all the things they have told us about prior. yet this year they didnt tell us hardly anything.

few things i have noticed compared to ncaa 12.

madden doesnt have all the equipment options ncaa does. and we saw alot of players wearing similar stuff that ncaa did last year. but looks like we wont have those options again.

i dont recall anything with hdr lighting being implemented...

did madden make any changes or additins to create a player?
either a facial design feature or waaay more faces.

how come i cant create a white guy with longer hair?

i am interested in madden, but i am not nearly as excited for it as i was last year. right now i am completely stoked for ncaa 12. they havent released much more info. but the info they have released has done a better job at getting the point across.

any thoughts??
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I'm waiting to see the actual gameplay footage before I make any assumptions on how good the game will be. I agree. The videos and info coming from Madden this time of year hasn't impressed me a whole lot. Some of the additions are great (custom playbook) but still, it seems they implemented stuff they've had or should of had in games years before. My main grip about Madden is the players still look "jerky" "robotic" when you watch the gameplay videos and it bother me. If I would have seen better fluid movement of players I would have already been sold. Time will tell I guess.
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