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Tandem Duo Headed to Brooklyn: The New Jersey Nets 
Posted on July 20, 2012 at 02:02 PM.
Title: Tandem Duo Headed to Brooklyn: The New Jersey Nets Association Story Line

Intro: Can you believe that you are where you are? Who would have thought you would make it this far. You know, many people dream of being in the position you are in right now. We welcome you to the front office of the New Jersey Nets. Weíre an up and coming organization with a couple of pieces to the puzzle already in position. However we are missing a few and we hope that youíll be able to find them and put them in place. With the announcement of us moving to Brooklyn next year, we now find ourselves fighting for the respect of New York. So that makes this year very important for us. We must make the right personnel moves and have an impact as a team in the Eastern Conference to set us up for next year and our future. As you know last year we shocked the NBA and spectators every where by the block buster deal involving Deron Williams. Now that we have our core guy we will need to build around him quickly so that he stays and signs that extension. We as a front office will give you goals and guidelines that we will expect you to meet and maintain. This isnít going to be all fun and games but if you stay on, it should be quiet fulfilling. Lets take a look at our current roster and see what kind of changes we want to make.

Roster Rules: Pre-Season 1

1) Trade as much as needed up to December, after that we should hold off on trades until the offseason.
2) Feel free to trade our draft picks, but it might be smart to save at least 1.
3) We donít feel like signing Greg Oden would be a wise move. Stay away from signing an injury prone big man.

Roster Tasks: Pre-Season 1

1) We have our center piece to the puzzle in Deron Williams and we needed to give up a lot to get him, so lets focus everything we do in getting him to sign that extension. Donít trade D-Will obviously that goes without saying.
2) Lets find a wingman for Deron and create one of the most talented backcourts in the game today. Trade for a shooting guard that is ranked as one of the top 20 SG currently in the game. (75 ovr or higher)
3) You can trade any other players except for Deron Williams
4) Find a young point guard with C+ potential or more to learn and develop behind D-Will, just in case!
5) Both of our big men need to have ratings of 70 ovr or above.

Team Goals: Season 1

1) Have a winning record at seasonís end.
2) Make the Playoffs
3) Our Tandem Duo should make the All-Star team together to show the league and fans that we have a legit backcourt.
4) Develop our back up PG every month, just so that we will have something to work with in case our worst nightmares come true. If you are asking what that could possibly be then read on and find out.

E-Star Goals: Season 1
* These are goals that play a direct effect on how your storyline plays out. After this season we have a big problem that we will need to find a solution to, getting Deron Williams to opt into his player option. Below are a list of goals that we must complete in order to keep Deron on our roster. If we do not meet all the goals, we will be forced to watch him walk away in free agency and get nothing back in return for him the following year. If all goals and tasks are met then sign him to a max yr/salary deal the following year. If you accomplish all goals and he still doesnít want to sign a max contract next year then you can trade him to the Dallas Mavericks for anyone except Dirk Nowitzki. So take a look below at all of our E-Star Goals.

1) Be in the Top 10 in the NBA in Assists Per Game, in order to assure him that we have surrounded him with the right talent. A point guard is only as strong as his supporting cast.
2) Have a winning record at seasonís end to prove that we are moving in the right direction.
3) Make the playoffs, simply because Deron always has played in the post season and he wonít accept anything less. He is a Competitor at the highest level.

Roster Rules: Off-Season 2-3

1) Be as aggressive as our salary cap will allow us to be in free agency, we need players to build around our Tandem Duo.
2) You can trade as much as you feel necessary throughout the off-season and seasons to come, we will have a lot of trust in you by then. If not trust me you will be gone, donít blow this or waste any time in building up a title contender.

Roster Rules: Season 2-3

1) There are no roster rules other than if any from season 1 still apply. Just build our team up as fast as possible.

Team Goals: Seasons 2-3

1) Play in a NBA Finals by season 3.
2) Tandem Duo make All-Star team each year.
3) Lead the League in Assists in a season.
4) If Deron Williams stays in town then develop our back up PG until he is a valuable trade asset in season 3 and trade him away to give us more fire power, in an effort to push for an NBA Title.
5) We expect multiple titles at some point in the near future so that should always be your goal each year: To put together a Contender.

Association Settings: All Seasons

1) If you are not playing on Hall of Fame you must increase the Difficulty during playoffs to Hall of Fame.
2) If not playing on Hall of Fame mode, every 2 years you must increase the difficulty level.
3) I play 82 game seasons and this was written for 82 game seasons, if you sim you must play 1 game for every 4 games you sim.
4) This was also written under the guidelines of 10 min quarters and 12 min simulated quarters.
5) Trade Override: Off
6) Team Chemistry: On
7) Player Roles: On (Must have 5 Starters, 1 Sixth Man, 2 Role Players and the rest must be set to Bench Warmers)
8) Progressive Fatigue and Injuries: On

** All of my Story Lines were created using the Official 2k12 Roster Update, the latest and last one available.

Thanks for checking this story line out for Association Mode in NBA 2k12. I am hoping to create one of these for each team in NBA 2k12 and then to try and create some other possible story lines in association mode in order to make this mode a bit more challenging and fun to play. If you have any comments or questions please leave a response for me. Also if you try this out please give us some updates on the changes and moves that you make. Hope you have fun with this and enjoyed it.

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