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Rebuilding The Bad Boys Version 2.0: The Detroit Pistons 
Posted on July 21, 2012 at 04:15 PM.
Title: Rebuilding The Bad Boys Version 2.0: The Detroit Pistons Association Story Line

Intro: Glad to have you here in Detroit, our organization is on to something that I feel will be even more succesful with you at the helm. Seems like our team went instantly from the top to the bottom and now here we are in a rebuilding phase again. We have yet to figure out on how to continually be successful year in and year out without any drop offs. So here we are with a bottom of the pack Eastern Conference team again. We need your help to turn things around here and help us make the right moves so we can finish up our rebuilding process and become contenders again. As an organization we have already gotten a few really nice picks in the draft in recent years and are looking to build a roster around the likes of Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe. Our front office has decided that we are going to follow the strategy of the late 80′s early 90′s Bad Boy Teams. We have plenty of ideas in ways that we feel you will be able to fill out our roster and get the kind of guys we want on our team. Take a look below and see all of our goals and tasks that we expect to see you follow and accomplish.

*New Feature:Relive It, build up a team that resembles the build of a team in the past. Follow our goals and tasks to relive The Bad Boys and I promise we will see success out on the court just as they did.

Roster Rules: Pre-Season 1

1) You can decide whether or not you are wanting to trade away our picks or not, either way we are ok with.
2) Once we have our opening day roster we are not going to want to change it untill the offseason. Unless you are under 15 wins by Trade Deadline (Refer to E-Star Goals Later in Article)
3) We are wanting to be a team that can stay together and grow as a unit in the future so no players should be over the age of 30 with the exception of our veteran leaders: Ben Wallace and 3 others of your choice.
4) We have a couple of foundation pieces already put in place so take a look below at the players we arenít wanting to get rid of.

Roster Tasks: Pre-Season 1

1) Keep our young tag team of Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe together.
2) Lets trade and find at least 6 of the nastiest players in the league. (Choose from the List of 30 Nastiest Players)
3) We need to find a nasty Big Man to put along side Monroe, trade for a Top 30 Nastiest Player to start at PF or C next to Monroe.
4) Focus on finding players with high defensive ratings.

*List of the Top 30 Nastiest/Dirtiest Players in the League:
  • Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Kevin Garnett
  • Javale McGee
  • Chris Andersen
  • Deshawn Stevenson
  • Jordan Hill
  • Matt Barnes
  • Raja Bell
  • Udonis Haslem
  • Anderson Varejao
  • Richard Hamilton
  • Andray Blatche
  • Kurt Thomas
  • Darko Milicic
  • Michael Beasley
  • Paul Pierce
  • Dwight Howard
  • Delonte West
  • Josh Smith
  • Kenyon Martin
  • Joakim Noah
  • Ivan Johnson
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Chris Paul
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • Rajon Rondo
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Kendrick Perkins
  • Reggie Evans

Team Goals: Season 1

1) Make the Playoffs
2) Lead The League in either Blocks or Steals
3) Have a player named to a All-Defensive Team
4) Have the Most Improved Player on your Team
5) Improve our record by 10 games over last years mark. (Win 40+ games)
6) Play a Rookie 25+ min per game

E-Star Goals: Season 1
* These are goals that play a direct effect on how your storyline plays out. After the first half of the season we should have a good idea on how our team will do in the future, if we do not have 15+ wins by the trade deadline we have done something wrong. We will need to take a look at a few things with our roster. So take a look below at our E-Star Goal for the first season. If the goal is not complete then we will need to trade away our top 2 contracts. Meaning the 2 players with the highest contracts for NEXT year on our books will be traded in order to open cap space up so that we can go after Chris Paul in Free Agency.

1) Win at least 15 goals by the trade deadline.

Roster Rules: Off-Season 2-5

1) Donít trade during the Off-Season unless we did not meet our E-Star Goal, in which case trade as much as possible to get cap space and Chris Paul.
2) Be as aggressive as our salary cap will allow us to be in free agency.

*Bonus: Sign Bill Laimbeer as Assistant Coach

Roster Rules: Seasons 2-5

1) Always have at least 4 of the Dirtiest/Nastiest players on the roster, if possible keep our originals.
2) No trading after the season starts.

Team Goals: Seasons 2-5

1) Win an NBA Title by year 5
2) Always have one of the top Defensive Teams in League (Rating on Screen before Game Starts)
3) Win the Defensive Player of the Year Award
4) Have 2 players named to one of the All-Defensive teams in the same year at least 1 time.
5) Make it to the Finals 2 years in a row (Back to Back Eastern Conference Finals)

Association Settings: All Seasons

1) If you are not playing on Hall of Fame you must increase the Difficulty during playoffs to Hall of Fame.
2) If not playing on Hall of Fame mode, every 2 years you must increase the difficulty level.
3) I play 82 game seasons and this was written for 82 game seasons, if you sim you should play 1 game for every 4 games you sim.
4) This was also written under the guidelines of 10 min quarters and 12 min simulated quarters.
5) Trade Override: Off
6) Team Chemistry: On
7) Player Roles: On (Must have 5 Starters, 1 Sixth Man, 2 Role Players and the rest must be set to Bench Warmers)
8) Progressive Fatigue and Injuries: On

** All of my Story Lines were created using the Official 2k12 Roster Update, the latest and last one available.

Thanks for checking this story line out for Association Mode in NBA 2k12. I am hoping to create one of these for each team in NBA 2k12 and then to try and create some other possible story lines in association mode in order to make this mode a bit more challenging and fun to play. If you have any comments or questions please leave a response for me. Also if you try this out please give us some updates on the changes and moves that you make. Hope you have fun with this and enjoyed it.

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# 1 jhendricks316 @ Jul 21
Interesting approach... but when I tried to rebuild, I didn't consider the "Glory Days"
# 2 scottyrogers10 @ Jul 22
Hey sorry... I don't really understand what you are trying to say... Did you do the story line and not feel that your roster was like the "glory days?"
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