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Batman Arkham Asylum 
Posted on August 10, 2009 at 06:19 PM.
Well here is my first blog figured to finally give it a spin let me know what you think. Dont be to harsh you might hurt my damn feelings.
I know that there are alot of skeptics out there. will this game be like the batman games from the past. the answer to that is no. this game is going to be the best batman game to ever hit any platform. dont matter if you get it on the ps3 or the 360 they brought out the game with some killer graphics.
I like how they wrote the jokers character in brought the sadistic side with a little of the comedian. that is the true joker personality. As far as the fighting scenarios their pretty cool, i just feel that they need to be more intense. Hey this is only the demo guess i have to wait it out and try on the more difficult levels.
I've been looking forward to this game for quite a long time especially after they released the somewhat fun lego batman game. Felt like writing a blog about this game no one else has. You true batman fans out there leave your insight on how you think about the upcoming batman game release.
# 1 PhillsPhan26 @ Aug 10
I agree this game is going to be a hit,
# 2 TreyIM2 @ Aug 10
First this game was on my map when Game Informer came out with the exclusive on the game then it "kinda" fell off with the Gamestop in-store only demo (I think Target had the same one) where it was just beatup as many punks as u could which was toooo easy. Now that I have the official demo on my PS3 that shows off the stealth of the game and a bit of the story to go along with the beat 'em up stylings, I must say that I will be getting BAA on the 25th. The graphics really do this game some serious justice, as well.
# 3 crazymallard @ Aug 11
I was really impressed with the demo. While I think the fighting may get a little tedious after extended time with the game, the stealth and investigative aspects of the game should mix up the pace nicely. The most impressive aspect to me, though, is the atmosphere. Simply walking around Arkham is really fun and the developers seem to have nailed the dark feeling of the location.
# 4 da.kid.frank @ Aug 11
the demo is really good i was really impressed.i think the game will be a hit.i just hope its pretty long and dosnt take a day to beat
# 5 wolverine2481 @ Aug 11
Yeah me too. I would be so pissed if its that easy to beat. Kinda like a the matrix. that game ended in a hurry. i think i beat that in like 7 hours. that was a let down.
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