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Candyman5's Chalkboard
Bug is offline
# 39
Bug @ Jul 17, 2014
Can I please get a code my good sir
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# 38
trobinson97 @ Feb 13, 2010
Oh yeah lol, you what Sakura did?
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# 37
trobinson97 @ Feb 13, 2010
I'm with you Candy, Tali is the ****.
aukevin is offline
# 36
aukevin @ Feb 3, 2010
Originally Posted by Candyman5
Hey man, whats up? Long time huh?
Not much is going on. Animal Crossing was good times, I gotta get back to it sometime.
Tengo Juego is offline
# 35
Tengo Juego @ May 21, 2009
Originally Posted by Candyman5
Its a joke dude, Lighten up. I just hate Brett Favre. Pretty bad when Bears, Vikings and Greenbay is dogging eachother but the Lions is not in the picture...lmao.
I'm joking too fool lol. I just love having fun with the rivalries.

And who are these Lions you speak of? I've Never heard of em.
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 # 34
Tengo Juego commenting on PackersSuck picture @ May 21, 2009
Wait...I forget, how many championships have the Vikings won?

I think the real reality is in denial by every Viking's fan enjoying this photo.
Marino is offline
# 33
Marino @ Mar 9, 2009
you get your *** on killzone
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# 32
baumy300 @ Dec 17, 2008
Originally Posted by Candyman5
Lol, what? Last night I had to get to bed. :P I was up the night before all night, went to bed at 8.30am and woke up at 1:30pm. In other words I was tired.
Oh sure. It's cool man. I understand why you don't want to play against me
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# 31
baumy300 @ Dec 17, 2008
You stuck up little bitch!
baumy300 is offline
# 30
baumy300 @ Dec 12, 2008
Originally Posted by Candyman5
Thats cool also but once in a while we go into a free for all and just have fun. Free for all is fun when you have a bunch of people that you know in it.
Sweet. Well I should have it tomorrow since I overnighted it from gamestop. Let's hope they make good on their promise or refund me my extra cash!
baumy300 is offline
# 29
baumy300 @ Dec 10, 2008
Originally Posted by Candyman5
Lmao, O Ok. You probably can, I prestiged. XD
How about we just team up and run that s***?
baumy300 is offline
# 28
baumy300 @ Dec 10, 2008
Just ordered CoD online from gamestop. I even had it overnighted so I can hopefully get online and smoke you soon.
baumy300 is offline
# 27
baumy300 @ Dec 10, 2008
Originally Posted by Candyman5
No problem man, glad I could help. I love the Hurricanes but they seem to piss ya off every year...Hmmm...Same as the Vikingts huh? Lol. BTW if you havent seen the two new albums in my Pics labled: Packers Suck and Bears Suck, go take a look. The one about Grossman is hillarious...Lol.
Yeah those are classics. I still can't get CoD 5 yet...

Not at Wal-Mart or K-Mart. I'm a little agitated.
baumy300 is offline
# 26
baumy300 @ Dec 10, 2008
Thanks for the banner man.
baumy300 is offline
# 25
baumy300 @ Dec 7, 2008
You won't believe this - I drive 34 miles to Wal Mart and finish up my shopping. I proceed back to electronics before I pay and ask for Call of Duty. Well what do you know - They are out of it. Can you believe that?

They also had NHL 09 for 69 dollars. Not a special edition or anything, just a regular version. What a place...
Phobia is offline
# 24
Phobia @ Nov 30, 2008
Happy thanksgiving to you bro
snepp is offline
# 23
snepp @ Nov 29, 2008
Same to you, hopefully the Vikings don't ruin it.
baumy300 is offline
# 22
baumy300 @ Nov 27, 2008
You too.

Fire Childress.
elTodd is offline
# 21
elTodd @ Nov 27, 2008
Thanks Candy. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving too.
Skyboxer is offline
# 20
Skyboxer @ Nov 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving!
bluengold34_OS is offline
# 19
bluengold34_OS @ Nov 27, 2008
Yeah Candy, Happy Thanksgiving to you also Justin. I am worried about this game this weekend, I watched that Vikes game this last weekend, and they looked really good against the Jags. If we can beat down on Gus again, and force Jackson to fill in, it would help our cause. Vasher is out for the year for us, so our questionable secondary, just became even more so.....Enjoy the day, and tell Sky and TB, I said Happy Bird day also.
Brandwin is offline
# 18
Brandwin @ Nov 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
countryboy is offline
# 17
countryboy @ Nov 27, 2008
Thanks and Happy Turkey Day to you and yours as well man.
baumy300 is offline
# 16
baumy300 @ Nov 26, 2008
Yeah man. I've had to be in the training academy for a while this week and I have to get in a few more hours next week as well, so let me get back home and then get a hold of you if/when I get COD4.
baumy300 is offline
# 15
baumy300 @ Nov 22, 2008
Haha, yeah I may have to hold off just a bit because the move has cost me a lot more than I expected, but I do have Live now and I should be on more and more.
Pared is offline
# 14
Pared @ Nov 21, 2008
AP is one of the most exciting RB's in the NFL today. Wish we had someone like that here in NYC again!
snepp is offline
# 13
snepp @ Nov 19, 2008
Here's a new pic for you.

Brandwin is offline
# 12
Brandwin @ Nov 14, 2008
I'll look for you tonight.
baumy300 is offline
# 11
baumy300 @ Nov 14, 2008
Yeah I plan on buying Saturday when the move is over with.
baumy300 is offline
# 10
baumy300 @ Nov 13, 2008
Haha. I'm going to need to hook the box back up to the next so I can get on live with you.
baumy300 is offline
# 9
baumy300 @ Nov 13, 2008
snepp is offline
# 8
snepp @ Nov 13, 2008
Where's your Halo costume pic?

And I see you added the Vikings shortbus editing job I did. That's the peak of my graphic editing capabilities.
baumy300 is offline
# 7
baumy300 @ Nov 13, 2008
Haha what?

No, I mean it's too bad she up and left you for the Red Coats, but that at least you have a good taste in football.
baumy300 is offline
# 6
baumy300 @ Nov 13, 2008
Right on.

Well man, at least you have good taste in football teams.
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 # 5
baumy300 commenting on My friend on Holloween. picture @ Nov 13, 2008
Not bad my man.

I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. What did you go as?
baumy300 is offline
# 4
baumy300 @ Nov 13, 2008
Yeah, the Vikes are a great team, but we falter when it comes game day. I'll give the arena a look.
baumy300 is offline
# 3
baumy300 @ Nov 13, 2008
How you doing, buddy?
Phobia is offline
# 2
Phobia @ Nov 12, 2008
Just hitting ya Chalkboard up. Nice board
TJdaSportsGuy is offline
# 1
TJdaSportsGuy @ Nov 10, 2008
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