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# 18
HustlinOwl @ Jan 9, 2013
Originally Posted by Money99
Nah. First, it doesn't really make the game easier, it just tries to walk you through it so that you figure it out faster.
It still requires putting in hours and hours to figure the game out.
At the same time, I like 2K's analog pitching and Hitters Eye over The Show's pitching and Guess Pitch.
I also love how every player has a separate defensive rating. It adds to the fun when you run into injuries.

2K is just my style. I owned The Show 08 & 09 and played the crap out of it. Really enjoyed it.
But it got stale and then when 2K finally started getting their act together I found I liked that more. Maybe in a year or two, I'll go back to The Show.
For now, 2K fits what I'm looking for.
lmao well my 9 year old son will love beginner mode not mortal kombat pithing
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# 17
HustlinOwl @ Jan 9, 2013
lmao go play beginner mode on MLB The Show 13, made especially for you
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# 16
DatsyukFan13 @ Oct 2, 2009
do u know if online still works for Hitz pro on ps2?
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# 15
DatsyukFan13 @ Sep 29, 2009
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# 14
Money99 @ Jan 26, 2009
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# 13
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 26, 2009
I posted a blog explaining why football and baseball are better than hockey. I'm sure you would agree.
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# 12
rudyjuly2 @ Dec 19, 2008
I wrote a blog on why the Star Wars prequel disappointed Hank. Let me know what you think.
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# 11
rudyjuly2 @ Dec 18, 2008
Uncharted has been great so far. I'm taking the next two weeks off over the holidays and hope to have it finished before Christmas so you won't have to play NCAA football in the interim.

Chapter 4 is a long board and I see you getting frustrated since your skills are weak. My kung fu is better.
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# 10
Money99 @ Nov 21, 2008
What??? I have it on DVD and I watch it constantly. It's one of the greatest movies ever!
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# 9
rudyjuly2 @ Nov 21, 2008
I've got Unforgiven in DVD and barely watch it.
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# 8
Money99 @ Nov 21, 2008
Yeah, I've put the PS3 up on Ebay.
If nobody buys it I'll live with it. But I think I'll get more out of the Xbox as far as a gaming console than I would with the PS3.
And the fact that I can buy a package with 3 games to start helps out. Hudson can play Lego Indiana Jones and I'll have GoW2 to mess around with until I can get a game like Fable 2 or Left 4 Dead.
But you can still lend me blurays when I get a standalone player. You can start by buying 'Unforgiven' in BluRay and then lending it to me.
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# 7
rudyjuly2 @ Nov 21, 2008
It sounds like your mind is made up. I don't see me buying many games outside of the Show and NCAA. Maybe Marvel 2 next year.
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# 6
Money99 @ Nov 20, 2008
Prognosis Negative!

If you had watched the Washington-Anaheim game last night, you would have become an instant NHL fan.
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# 5
rudyjuly2 @ Nov 20, 2008
This from a guy that can't recognize the awesomeness of the PS3! You should check out my new Arena banner in full glory.
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# 4
Money99 @ Nov 20, 2008
You guys don't know crap! Hockey rules!
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# 3
Phobia @ Nov 20, 2008
LOL, I agree with rudy - Football > Hockey
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# 2
Money99 @ Nov 19, 2008
I've actually been having trouble falling asleep lately. Those videos should help.
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# 1
rudyjuly2 @ Nov 19, 2008
About time you got your Arena set up. Check out my NCAA vids and always remember that football > hockey.
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