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Ungreatful Athletes. 
Posted on December 1, 2008 at 11:00 PM.
What the hell is up with pro athletes lately? Lebron calling Sir Charles Stupid. Constantly feeding the 2010 New York machine. Just this past week, Braylon Edwards and Willie McGinist both said they don't care about the fans, or what we think.

Where the hell did team loyalty go? I know its about money, but come on. Some guys have to still have a shred of heart left in them. At least some pride in your team, and teams city would be nice to see every once in a while.

When what the last time an athlete took a home town discount?

One of the saddest things I have heard in a while was when some Browns players were asked about the Pittsburgh, Cleveland rivalry, they said there is none. "that's the fans rivalry, not ours." Pathetic.
# 1 ProfessaPackMan @ Dec 1
That's the new age "Athlete" for ya. Athletes(although you do have your select few)just care about 2 things:1. Money. 2. Getting the top play on Sportscenter Top 10.

Didn't hear Braylon or Willie say that, but if that's indeed true then wow. Not suprised to hear it from Braylon but I am a little suprised to hear that come from Willie's mouth.
# 2 LingeringRegime @ Dec 1
I agree with you 100%. I also agree with Barkley, that "Lebron needs to shut the hell up." It boggles my mind that he would call Barkley stupid also. Barkley is a hall famer, the kid has no respect for those who have gone before. Totally Classless.
# 3 PVarck31 @ Dec 1
Yep he said it today. Talked about how the fans have no idea what the players go through all week leading up to a game and that we only think they work one day a week. Basically calling us stupid.

As far as Lebron goes. I am done with him. I loved him. Have a ton of his gear. After this crap he can go take a hike for all I care. He is a spoiled, classless punk.
# 4 statum71 @ Dec 2
Loyalty left when free agengy started. Its sad. Pro sports is a big rich playground of "who got next?"

When I was a kid, Cwoboys were Cowboys. Staubach, Dorsett, Pearson.......

Now, one year I love T.O or Romo, the next year he's with the freaking Eagles or Redskins. The only loyal ones ARE the fans.
# 5 JAYMO76 @ Dec 2
Sad but true... athletes get paid so much they really don't care about the fans. Well, a lot of athletes don't care but there are still some genuine ones out there.
# 6 Steve_OS @ Dec 2
It is definitely sad. I wish more players played for the love of the game, instead of the love of the green.
# 7 KG @ Dec 2
You have to see things from the athletes perspective too. Their paychecks aren't as large as the owners so the whole "they make so much money" argument is BS. What about all the owners who are just trying to turn a profit? Look at Cincy's owner who is notoriously cheap and went over the coach's head in bringing back Henry. Players start out playing for the love of the game but it's their jobs we're talking about. While the average person has to work 30 or more yrs for retirement players can get hurt in a second and lose their spot on the team. They're not stupid, they know that they need to capitalize on every opportunity and they second they take it for granted the next guy is in line for their job.
# 8 rudyjuly2 @ Dec 2
I agree with statum71. Free agency and particularly the salary cap changed everything. But let's not just pile on the players here people. While many players will go simply where the money is, the owners are no different. If they can get a cheaper replacement they will drop a player in a heartbeat. An NFL owner will expect a player to fight through injuries and help them out and cut them without an ounce of remorse in the offseason. This cuts BOTH ways.
# 9 Rawdeal28 @ Dec 6
kgx took the words right out of my mouth. as an athlete u have to get all u can. the minute u cant produce as they want they draft someone to take ur spot.
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