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Jeremyhockaday is offline
# 11
Jeremyhockaday @ Mar 22, 2021
Hey, quick question. First, I appreciate your slider sets (still use them in NCAA 14) and all the work associated with putting them out. You're one of the few folks that dedicates time to CPUvCPU sliders.

Question is, do you have a set specifically for pc/ps4? The QB backing up and taking a sack is so hard to watch and so frustrating. I know thats not a slider issue, but seeing as how the set you posted in February was for NG, I was curious if I'm missing a set for PG or PC.

Thanks a ton,

A fan of your work
Flightwhite24 is offline
# 10
Flightwhite24 @ Apr 13, 2011
Originally Posted by Playmakers
what's up man?

Haven't spoke to you in ages just making sure everything is good life with you

What up PM its been a while. Hope all is good!!!. I have no complaints just trying to keep my Gaming Skills Tight. Lol. Take care an give me a ring sometime. Peace!!!
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# 9
DerkontheOS @ Sep 16, 2010
Hey big dog. I keep trying to talk to you online, but I just can catch you.
Da_Czar is offline
# 8
Da_Czar @ Sep 2, 2010
Originally Posted by Playmakers
between me and you czar i'm really not happy with this game. man i've been loyal for years but i can't keep buying their product if they keep taking one step forward and then one step backwards. before anyone played this game on Next Gen i was hyping the game up just to get more people to play it. I felt like EA was getting unjustice delivered to them by OS. But after 5 years of waiting Czar i can't support their direction anymore.
Man I feel you and when it comes to live man I trust your opinion. I thought the went further last year than they did and yet the same issues you were talking about after some time raised their head again. What can you do ? Now I have an engineer trying to convince us that its more sim for the defense to be able to react to what I'm doing and still beat me to the punch. Basketball is Not Hockey !
Da_Czar is offline
# 7
Da_Czar @ Sep 2, 2010
Playmakers man we could use your opinion in this thread man
x30 Pack Patx is offline
# 6
x30 Pack Patx @ Aug 21, 2010
Have u come up with any auto-sub sliders yet? Also do u use auto strafe and sprint with your sliders? hope you dont mind the private message. didnt have time to go through all the pages on your thread. Thanks
robertanchor is offline
# 5
robertanchor @ Aug 19, 2010
Hey thanks for the madden 11 sliders work. its nice to see a better sim game finally
Tengo Juego is offline
# 4
Tengo Juego @ Aug 13, 2010
Ah, I can definitely understand the "burning out" of your work. I myself, probably wont get too serious in playing the game until final rosters for the start of the season are available. I'll be on the lookout for when you do get started though.
Tengo Juego is offline
# 3
Tengo Juego @ Aug 13, 2010
Hey, you have any plans for M11 sliders?
LHSLax_D24 is offline
# 2
LHSLax_D24 @ Feb 14, 2010
Hey man I love your sliders, but I have one question. How do I get more offensive rebounds. I average around 2-3 a game, and the CPU isn't significantly higher. I am always first in defensive rebounds and last in offensive rebounds. The CPU gets around 3-5, so they are a little better than me. What would you advice to bump up the offensive boards for both teams?
Crippa is offline
# 1
Crippa @ Aug 21, 2009
Hey PM, using your sliders at the moment, I'm getting realistic numbers, but the score is too high. Lost to the Steelers 37-27 (I'm Philly) and had blown out the Lions 35-14 at the half. Not too worried about the Lions game (I wanted to test the sliders against the best and worst team) but I'd love to see games against the Steelers dropped down 10 points for each team (so scores would be 17-27). What sliders would reduce the high scores? I thought about reducing the minutes per quarter (currently 12min quarters) but I'm worred that will disrupt the realistic stats I'm getting.
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