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Madden's New 3yr plan...! "The Cam Webber Project! 
Posted on August 14, 2011 at 03:44 PM.
Ok played the demo...its legit! It's better than last years & from this build

i will start judging EA...from! the Cam Webber Project...the new guy in

charge over at all games in the past dont even matter to me

anymore...except ESPN2K5!Why cause its the standard to what EA

has to get to...i feel that any football video it 2k or EA should

have progressed from that me it wasn't perfect...but it

simulated NFL football to the tee....! Now with the things i see in this yrs

madden i see nothin but promise...theres things that 2k5 didnt even have

theres still missed blocking and typical madden stuff,but the thing about

it they have til Madden14 to get it right...! And why we have to wait til

madden14 folks....EA is a business of making money,thats why they do

things bit by bit....& thats your choice if u willing to buy bit by bit every

year,but the game is gettin close folks...what kills me are the people

who gripe over the silliest one guy complaining about when

they show the overhead of all the stadiums the cars dont look right....!

Really!!! plus people somehow just forget that these are just video games

im from a generation that had a blast playin Joe Montana football & 10

yard fight...!hell even John Elway football...! Wit that said...heres a list

of things that will make Madden complete...!And Cam Webber and his

crew must do to please the masses!
# 1 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
must intergrate cbs & fox....! fox Joe Buck & Troy! cbs keep the two they have now...
# 2 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
the virtual down indicator...that pops up on the field as the QB walks to center..
# 3 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
halftime show pregame show just like 2k5 did it....when they showed clips of other games and Chris Berman doing the highlights it felt as if i was watching sportscenter...keep me watching never skipped a highlight...!
# 4 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
active sidelines...guys need to move out the way or hold a player up...tired of seeing guys run out of bounds and go straight threw guys on the sideline.
# 5 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
for the love of pete...why the refs dont throw the yellow flag on the field!!! when a penalty happens thats should trigger instantly.
# 6 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
scores of other games pop up while u playing on franchise mode.
# 7 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
real team pro bowl helmets!
# 8 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
would like to see the baseball diamond fields in preseason games
# 9 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
get blocking assignments right...
# 10 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
revamp commentary! more like nba2k11
# 11 SaintsNATION32 @ Aug 14
on & off weather during a game that was in Joe MONTANA FOOTBALL!
# 12 DeuceDouglas @ Aug 14
The only thing out of that list I would realistically like to see is the scores from other games pop up.
# 13 RUFFNREADY @ Aug 14
Dynamic sidelines and coaches (More movement), and make sure you have 42 players roaming the sidelines,not 75 extras.
# 14 RUFFNREADY @ Aug 14
More control of your offensive and defensive players when the ball is in the air. (fight for the ball, fight for position)
# 15 Dashdagreat @ Aug 14
Man u on point!!! When they get everything u named right, thats when i will purchase Madden. I cant even get into thathalf game with other great sports titles on the market

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