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SaintsNATION32's Scouting Report
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Written 03:49PM - April 13, 2012
Written 12:27PM - March 25, 2012
Written 03:44PM - August 14, 2011
Written 01:30PM - July 3, 2011

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# 10
TreyIM2 @ Aug 24, 2012
Sup, mang? Did u ever check out the Madden 13 demo? What u think?
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# 9
DeuceDouglas @ May 11, 2012
Originally Posted by SaintsNATION32
Duce can u photo shop the virtual down indicator that pops up on the field as the QB walks up to center its part of every broadcast and every network has their own style.....this something I've been beggin for.....forever.....
AFC Game -
NFC Game -
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# 8
SHAKYR @ Feb 19, 2011
Originally Posted by SaintsNATION32
best video ever!!!! dog i felt ya pain son...i was sick in 05 when i went to babbages...which is now gamestop when they told me there wont be anymore 2k nflfootball...i was like this is some b.s.....EA saw that 2k had them they put a stop to it....they didnt want to lose there money maker....see what happen to nba elite....same thing was goin to happen to madden cause 2k was only goin to get better....if i only knew how to update espn2k5 rosters...i would play that game every year...
Us sim and realistic sports fans have to stick together. I used to be a Madden faithful until 2004. I use to write long wishlist with realistic suggestions and ideas.
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# 7
b22gamer @ Feb 6, 2011
you can purchase it online at or just google it they're out there.....I know exactly what you're talking about...I'm a big franchise junkie, and not only is THAT broken in madden but the gameplay is just horrendous...i mean if madden 12 is playable i'll be fine and buy it, but i cannot WAIT til that nfl exclusive liscence is up, im 300% buying 2k, and i love nba sports game ever made. anyway, good luck with your quest for an action will be in football sim heaven once you get those updated rosters...the only drawback i can think of, if you're a tedious person, you'll see (and hear) things that are off in the took me a couple of months to make my rosters perfect, but well worth it. enjoy!
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# 6
CYST2000 @ May 24, 2010
1981 is when the Bengals started the who dat chant not who dey. No I lost no money, but I lost some respect for Saints fans and their inability to at least give another team props. When you throw it in another teams face and throw punches in pileups you lose my respect.

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