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Tomba's Madden 20 Magic Patch Roster For PC 
Posted on August 7, 2019 at 08:32 PM.


That's right the master of edit wizardry is here to show off the new spell that has made Madden 20 on PC an absolute joy to play.

I have to reference a very old Madden 12 edit I did . In that edit I did a global edit of every player in the game. Changing their attribute ratings, their traits and messing with everything from top players ratings to just making sure the game played as realistically as it could via roster edits. Years after this edit I stuck to JUST sliders as the edit was such an act of labor that I vowed to never do it again. Sitting there night after night some 9 years ago now much younger much dumber and trying to make sense of it all. Team by team, rating by rating, test after in game test to bring forth a edit that so drastically changed Madden 12 that I considered it a outright "Patch" rather than just a roster edit etc.

Now time spiral shift into The Summer of 2019 and we now have Madden on PC with the ability to make global edits via PC. Almost reducing edit times by 95% .Its crazy just how easy it allows our crazy "global edit" thoughts to grow and be made .

Now I have to say over the years I've been a huge victim of placebo. being accused of it and being the one who gave it out for others to believe. That's why I ask you all now do you believe in magic?

Because I do.

Below are the details to what has been edited and what it now does in game for Madden 20 on PC

ALL Players Speed Acceleration Awareness and Agility have been globally edited to do the following:

Create a more realistic game speed.
Create proper separation between plays and players.
Create realistic reaction times by players on the field.
Create better user input game play .
Create more realistic CPU movement.
Fix fumble issues with players carrying
Fix CPU man coverage issues.
fix defensive hit power.

Removed key traits that made the X Factors double boosted. Now X Factors work much better.
Added key traits that make game play more realistic as well.

It's important to note I love the X Factors this year. They bring a lot to the game play and when kept on with THIS edit they are toned down and less arcadey believe it not.

Also important to note are values. You will see LOW values but that does not mean the player now becomes a lower rated player. The 4 attributes I chose deal with player movement on the field. I am concerned more so about pacing and spacing.

Play as you want. There is NO slider set or gameplay rule with this. The roster does everything.

Patch is now available via PC Share Files under the name TOMBAMAGIC.

I'm not going into much more detail now unless specifically asked I've learned from years previous that edits like these you have to see to believe for yourself.

A video of gameplay does not always suffice.

Please try and Enjoy always

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