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XFL by 2k? II 
Posted on February 16, 2020 at 06:11 PM.
It's been 6 and 3 quarters of XFL to this point and I can't sit on these points any longer. I think I want another option for a football game more than others. The games so far has been good but if I see ACC or PAC12 quality football. That's not a talent related comment.

But after what I've seen there could be a lot of issues with the game. So I'll start with the fact that the XFL seems like it's more of a tryout for the NFL for the younger guys than it's own league. With this I think it'll be hard to have a face of the league. Once a guy becomes a breakout star the NFL can come and scoop them right off the field. The older guys (IMO and not being rude) already failed in the NFL, but I still think they want back in the league. They have to get to a point where guys aren't hell bent on getting to the NFL. A pro for this as far as a video game goes is having to negotiate with your players to keep them in the XFL. IS getting drafted from the XFL a thing?

Another thing that could seriously block 2k from making a game would be the NFL allowing Madden to add an XFL option in the Face of the Franchise mode, or an all out XFL mode. Which I can't lie would be cool.

This isn't as big of an issue but the coaches also seem like they are on tryout basis. Which would leave the team at 2K having to face scan different guys every fall.

Another issue could be the broadcasted play calls and in game sideline interviews. Which is something I don't like. The coaches comments maybe one thing but the players takes may not be doable.

I also don't know how the overalls will be done. Will they use some kind of metric where if you are the best player in the XFL are you a 90+ overall, or will they base it off XFL vs NFL ratings meaning you'd have a lot of low rated teams and players.

Lastly I know all of this is speculating, but I think it would be cool to see. Also a lot of this is hard to determine because the season is 1 week old, we don't know what is to come. But one big plus I can think of is 2K already has a relationship with Vince McMahon.

I won't bring this up for a few weeks I just like the idea of the game as I stated earlier.
What are your thoughts on the ieda of XFL 2K 21
# 1 underdog13 @ Mar 6
Any effort of another football game is welcomed. Even with different rules. As long as it is customizable, I'm in.
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