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The Rise of the Sun

I'm new to this thing, and I was interested in doing something like this so hope you guys give a chance and enjoy!

Basic info: 14 Game, 7 minute/qrt. Association. Keeping the season very short so i can go into alot of seasons.

Started to rebuild the Phoenix Suns, I played a couple games to see where I wanted to take the team. I am playing with the current rosters. Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic surprisingly co-existed both making the All-Star team, with Bledsoe making the All NBA 2nd Team.

- Luis Scola for Perry Jones (Got younger and added some potential talent)
- Marcin Gortat for Jeff Green (Jeff Greens a great player, and I thought Bledsoe Green could be a good future to build with)
- 3 Team trade where I sent Caron Butler to the Mavs, Mavs sent there '13 1st round pick to the Pacers, Pacers sent me there '13 1st round pick

-I came in the lottery having the favour to get the 5th pick, i ended up getting the 2nd pick. I used tyklugs2013 fictional draft roster the very first one. I also had the 20th pick from the Pacers.
- I drafted a shooting guard who had comparison to Iggy, there was a SF that had potential to LeBron, but I wanna build Green, so I gambled.
- The Woodson (rookie SG) has a 69 rating and I'll see how he'll do.
- Suns sent there 20th pick, and there 2nd round pick for the Orlando Magic '14 1st round pick.

Free Agency:
- I coulda signed Monta Ellis, but I didn't want to do that.
- Signed Lou Amundson

Offseason Training:
- Alex Len went for more rebounding work
- Perry Jones went for some big man offense training
- Eric Bledsoe went for some Off, Def awarness training

2013-2014 Roster:
PG: Eric Bledsoe
SG: Goran Dragic
SF: Jeff Green
PF: Markieff Morris
C: Alex Len

- Coby Woodson (Fictional SG Rookie)
- Michael Beasley
- Shannon Brown
- Perry Jones
- Marcus Morris

Bench Warmers:
- Kendal Marshall
- Channing Frye
- Lou Amundson

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Re: The Rise of the Sun

Looking forward to it man, glad you're using one of my classes!
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Re: The Rise of the Sun

Thanks JazzMan, your Jazz association is actually what got me into starting my own thread for my Suns. And loving the work you put in your draft classes.



For the Phoenix Suns opening up there 2013-2014 season was against the Golden State Warriors who had underachieved in the 2013 season not making the playoffs and getting the #1 pick in the 2013 draft. Still a talented squad coming into this season with playoff expectations opened there season against the squad that had the #2 pick in the 2013 draft, the Phoenix Suns. The Warriors opened up the game real quick with Steph Curry draining 3's after 3's. Iggy was also helping widening the Warriors lead through out the game pouring in a solid 26 points. As for the Phoenix Suns in the game though they were getting blowed out for majority of the game, the team was seeing potential rising stars for the season in Jeff Green who poured in 22 points and Eric Bledsoe had a great game too with 19 points and 7 assists. Bledsoe was playing with the pass first mentality which coach Jeff Hornacek was impressed by. The #2 pick Coby Woodson came off the bench scoring a solid 11 points with 3 3-pointers. Despite their efforts the Suns lost 99-90.

Up next for the Suns was the Los Angeles Lakers, who coming into the season were ranked 30th in power ranking, as it was evident why. Majority of their roster is filled with veterans who signed a 1 year contract for the season, players like Elton Brand, Vince Carter, Chris Duhon, Steve Blake. The Suns got off to a fast start against the Lakers thanks in part to Coby Woodson and Perry Jones coming off the bench and draining 3's. Woodson finished with 15 points and Jones finished with 13. While the Suns were leading by double digits for most of the game, Kobe Bryant was trying his best to keep his team in the game scoring 48 points! Alex Len was showing his potential in the match scoring 22 points and grabbing 8 rebounds. Jeff Green scored 22 points again, and Eric Bledsoe scored 14 points to go along with 9 assists. The Suns won 100-81.

The third game featured the Suns facing off against the Dallas Mavericks. It was the first time Caron Butler got to face his former team since being traded to the Mavericks last year in which he helped the team reach the playoffs. This game was a very close game between both teams, the Suns had an all around performance with guys like Coby Woodson, Jeff Green, Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Alex Len all scoring double digits. For the Mavericks the man who kept the team in the game was Nik Pekovic who signed with the team in the offseason. In the dying seconds of the game Dirk Nowitzki was left wide ALL OPEN for a 3 pointer to tie the game and send it to overtime, but he missed! As it rattled out of the rim, Suns fans were in all joy as the Suns won 71-68 in a close game.

Suns Trade Rumours

There are numerous reports going around the league that the Suns are planning to part ways with guard Goran Dragic so the SG spot can open up for promising #2 pick Coby Woodson. There are reports that he may get moved to another team for a PF or such. Dragic was an All-Star last season and averaged a team high 14 points per game. If traded, he can impact any team in the NBA immediately.
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