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AL vs. NL

Posted 08-27-2010 at 01:46 PM by fatleg3
As i look at the standings in both leagues and follow the division and wild card races I cant help but think that the American League is more dominant then the National Leagues.

Take the NL wild card race for example. Their are at least 5 teams that can win the wild card race, but in the AL wild card race the team that finishes second in the AL East is most likely to win it unless on of those teams have a complete breakdown. The playoff teams from the AL are basically set with the only race coming out of the AL central but if the Twins keep playing well then they will win that division. You have Texas out of the west, and rays and Yankees winning the east and wild card.

In the NL the only playoff team as of now is the Padres with a 6 game lead over the Giants. Yes I know there is still a month of baseball left and anything can happen (Mets for the last 3 years) but the Padres, Rangers, Yankees, and Rays have been playing like playoff teams the whole season and should continue playing well.

I think the AL teams are better simply because of the lineups. Yes the NL might have better pitching but the AL bats are way better then the NL. Every playoff team out of the AL batters are very overpowering. The NL simply just does not have that. Yes they have the pujols', and howards, and and gonzalezs but the NL teams lineups as a whole simply can not match up to what the AL teams have. No matter how good your pitching staff is; it is very hard to handle crawford, longoria, and pena; or texiara, arod, and jeter; or hamalton, vlad, and cruz for one night let alone a 4 or 5 game series. Plus the AL have good enough pitching to handle the NL bats.

This is my first blog and these thoughts have been on my mind for sometime. I would like to hear anybody else's opinion and thoughts on which league is better.
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