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We need fighter expressions!

Thank you for fixing the purple screen glitch, Iíll start off with that you fixed my issue for Atleast trying out this game in a sense where Iíll start paying attention to it so thank you to the devs for that, Iím glad you were able to work it out.

Bout now Im going to be that annoying dude that points out what you guys could wish you had time to add/fix. Honestly I appreciate you dev workers as individuals but I donít if you donít speak out even as a minority opinion among your team that certain things like Iím about to mention need polish. I do it all a the time in my field of work as a tradie for the company I work for and they hate that Iím such an annoying prick to work with but itís important if you want to fix the problems on our respective fields.

Why do know characters have facial expressions? Like they have had this since the N64, there is zero reason why Conor McGregor shouldnít have a smug look on his face when he wins after three games now. These are little things and polish that even CASUAL gamers love. If you had added this I bet you that every YouTubet that promoted your game wouldíve commented on. Like ďthatís right boah take in this moment!Ē Instead we have all the celebration animations (which I agree for some stupid reason makes casuals stick around) with out any lasting ooomf. If the character expressed these animations you added on their faces it would add so much to every finish
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