Have We Lost Focus?

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Post Have We Lost Focus?

When all the talk begins about our favorite f-ball games every year, I find it interesting what the topics are. When we finally get the game, I have found a noticable trend among a lot of gamers. The majority is more concerned with bells and whistles than actual gameplay factors. It just seems like the focus has changed over the years from the majority following things that effect the actual game of football, to "the extras" that are added. Maybe it's just me or maybe it boils down to the ages of some of the people that post on here.

When there are things that go unchecked year after year that affects your basic experience in playing the game of f-ball, all of the other things shouldn't matter as much. Things such as commentary, graphics, presentation, animations, and major glitches (on the field) should be on point. It's almost as if people reach for something else to point to that makes a certain game stand out than admitting that the game has obvious flaws that need to be corrected before adding the more non important things. This is one major reason why the devolopers end up giving us those not so important things b4 they correct the things that are most important.

For me personally, I prefer to have all those little things fixed that will give me the best experience on the field as well as those that will keep me into the game. As my brother (highpressure) always say, "gameplay is debatable". It boils down to what each individual wants. ESPN does everything I want it to do and then some so there is no need for me to have two games. I have spent more on two titles every year for the past four years to last for the next four.

So with that said, what is it that really matters to you? Is it the game of football, or is it that radio talk show or the crib (when u know goodness well the running man need to b fixed or the franchise needs an overhaul) ?
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Re: Have We Lost Focus?

i feel u 100%..i'm behind you in whatever your attempt is..

BECAUSE--i feel many issues would have been addressed if they took the time to..and i get furious with CLEBERITY phone call--that's a waste of audio.money.and development time!!...i could see it taking a month and a half to implement...that could have been exchanged for..spending time to fix the clipping/collision detection between players n the ball....that could have been a month n a half to check franchise mode to see if everything was running realistic to see if cpu teams draft to their needs or trade for what they really need!! or use backups as often as possible in pre-season games(just how fans like it)..or fixing the db issues!!

NEXT YEAR!-i want TRAINING CAMP/drills to boost my new aquired rookies stats before pre-season games vc!! i've been asking for years.. now what the hell!!!!!!!!..put that sh_t in
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Re: Have We Lost Focus?

I thought I'd chime in on this one and I'm glad it was posted by Lowpressure voicing such obsevations and concerns.

I myself have echoed such concerns from time to time and have in a lot of cases found it falling on deaf ears, so to see this post tells me that individuals such as yourself do have certain morals and standards that are to be admired.

I do not know you personally but you sound like a decent man who has taken the time to post what in my opinion is a quality post and worth the time to read and reply to.

Unfortunatly the concerns you've expressed so eloquently here are well founded and a certain truth rings in your words, society as we know it today has moved into an era where the abnorm seems to be the accepted rule of the day and it shows in our technical advances and how we define them.

Football video games and video games in general have moved into the main stream of society and are todays new outlet, more of everything is the request in them and they have come to the point of needing ratings to insure they are not played by youth to young to understand that it is only a game, proof of this is self evident with the recent incident involving a shooting over playing such games.

We, that is the more mature gamer has not lost this focus you speak of an understands how to keep such things in context, we are comsumers with varosious appetites that seem to never get satisfied, at times we lose that focus and become enthrolved in particapating in such activitys, playing video games and the sport gamer wants it all regardless of the work and effort involved to deliver.

As long as there is a demand for such extras in these games and an interest for the "eye candy" it will be there, I know that in most cases it does not really have a lot to do with the "core" product itself but it is what the consumer wants and thats the buisness end of it these days sad but true, we now are dealing with what I'd like to term "Flash and no Substance".

So in a word or two its what the public demands and in buisness we all know that golden rule..."The customer is always right"....we want and demand such off focus items and they, the powers that be in the industry simply deliver...so theres really no defense for this other than voiceing your opinions as you have and I'm glad you did because this is where change happens, it first starts as a thought, they are going to pour any moneys and present almost any extra that we demand and in a way we are all guilty of losing our focus at one time or another.

Holla Back ya'll
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